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I completely forgot. I was like, “Oh, oh? I forgot to take my pills, didn’t I?” ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys! We are sitting out on our porch. Mary’s doing her vest and I am working on editing the vlog, which is really fun because we’re looking at well, I’m looking at all the drone footage of the tiny house and our trip yesterday. So if you missed that vlog, it’s a fun one and I told Mary that now that we’re back in Massachusetts, and it’s summer-ey, that we need to put her vest on this cart and leave it on there so that we can bring it outside whenever she wants to do her treatments outside. So that is what she’s doing. [Mary] This is called lunch when we didn’t get groceries yet. I was like, what did you make this out of? [Mary] So, I took a packet of ramen without…I mean, just the noodle part and then I [Mary] steamed them in the pan and then I added fresh onion, garlic and green pepper because that’s all that we had. Oh yeah! [Mary And then some frozen veggies and some… how’s the… [Mary] flavoring? It’s great. [Mary] Does it need more? Mm-mmm. [Mary] It’s just sesame oil, sea salt, er um… [Mary] What’s it called? Soy sauce? [Mary] Soy sauce. [chuckling] Sea salt, soy sauce, sounds similar. [Mary laughing] Fiber optics. Fish sticks. [Mary] And then um, I put some of your spicy pepper flakes in it. It’s amazing. [Mary] Do you like it? I love it. [Mary] Okay. Cool. [Peter] Should we go see what Mary’s doing? [Peter] Let’s go see what Mary’s doing. ♬ peaceful music ♬ [Peter] Looks like it’s gonna rain out here, so Mary’s getting these flowers in just in time for them to get a drink. Yeah, some of these really needed some water. [Peter] Yeah, they’re in the, I guess they were sitting out here in the sun all morning. Well, a few of them needed water last night [Peter] Yeah. [Peter] Looks beautiful. We’re gonna have like a quite the entrance. [Peter] So you’re gonna do the same thing on the other side? Um. It’ll probably be different, because I’m worried about the things growing on that side. [Peter] Oh, okay. Because of the daffodils that didn’t grow. [Peter] So these were, these were planted here but they didn’t grow over here. [Mary] Okay. So this is kind of random and funny. Whenever I’m doing something, it just came up while I was doing these flowers. I’m sitting over here wondering are they spaced well, or does it look okay? And for some reason my instinct is to pull my glasses off and look at it without my glasses and I think in my mind because that’s what people are going to see if they’re far away and my sister and I were talking about this months and months ago and she was like Mary, when people are far away, it’s not blurry. It’s just smaller and I was like, oh… So doesn’t work at all. But somehow I like to look at my, uh… I don’t know, stuff like this that I’m working on placement and that sort of thing without my glasses to see how it looks. Here, I’ll give you a Mary’s eye view. [Mary] With glasses. Without glasses. That totally works. [Mary] All right, Peter um rocked. I would say weeded, but our problem is rocks [Mary] I think a previous [Mary] like person who did the flower bed put a ton of rocks, see those rocks. So he took some rocks [Mary] out of this area and we put some flowers in here and [Mary] I’m told that they’re gonna spread out and get fuller. So I’m really excited about that. [Mary] We’re really hoping that that is true. [Mary] So he’s just finishing up over here. [Mary] And we shall see. [Peter] Gotta give them a drink. Don’t judge my humpback. [Peter] Humpback? I have back pain. [Peter] Yep. Good job, honey. Well. We’ll find out if we did a good job or not. It’s gonna be so sad if they all die. See how the water is like repelling? It looks like chocolate cake mix. [Peter] It’s just gotta soak in. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [chopping] ♬ chill music ♬ [Mary] And here’s the end result. Vegetable beef soup. Hey guys. [Mary] I gave Ollie a haircut today. [Mary] And then I gave him a bath. [Mary] But then he was kind of cold. So then I covered him up now. Now he’s sleeping so soundly. [Mary whispering] Look at his curls. [Mary] They look so cute. [Mary] Peter has been working so hard. Did you tell them about our dinner? [Mary] Um… It was so good. [Mary] I did show them. It was an awesome soup. [Mary] So the review was… Two. Thumbs. Up. My recommendation if you’re trying to make a meal out of few ingredients if you haven’t gone grocery shopping or you don’t have a lot of food in the house uum…look in your freezer, see what you have. I had the bag of mixed vegetables and I had a bag of beef which I thought was stew meat. But it turns out it was shredded beef which is totally fine, like for making a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. That’s what kind of beef it was and I had the frozen vegetables and then look what fresh stuff you have. I had onions and garlic and so, um do a little fresh, do a little frozen and make it work. [coughing] Peter vacuumed. Whew. After I cut Ollie’s hair and it looks so fresh and so clean in here. [Peter chuckles] [Peter] It looked like a poodle explosion a little bit ago. [Peter] But it’s all cleaned up and… We also went out tonight before dinner and we got some more flowers and… We haven’t planted them yet, but tomorrow, I guess we’ll plant some more flowers. Well, Peter had the idea that we could do window boxes. [Peter] Yeah. So we’re hoping to figure that out, figure out how to get them to stay on the windowsill. Um… [Peter] Yeah, so we’ll put those up tomorrow, put the flowers in ’em. One issue with the mixing of the… uh… treatment routine is that I completely forgot to take my morning medicines. Which I realized because tonight I’m getting like acid reflux in my throat, which is pretty much the only medication that I feel a difference if I forget to take is my like acid reflux medication. So tonight I was like “Oh, oh? I forgot to take my pills, didn’t I?” And because we moved like all my treatment stuff down here, my Cayston is still upstairs. Completely forgot all three doses. Argh! But there’s always tomorrow and… that’s just part of the reality. You’re gonna forget sometimes. But it does make me think I need to make sure I have my system ready for conquering if I’m gonna keep my vest down here. I need to make sure I’ve got my system figured out so I don’t do this every single day of course. Or rather so that I do do this. So that I don’t forget to do all that I need to do. There we go. [Peter] Macro curls. [Mary] Hashtag that. Oh! Sorry, this thingy tickled him. [Mary] Sorry buddy. [Peter] He’s so cute. Good job cutting him. [Mary] Thanks. After I made two meals today I was like losing energy and gumption and I just wasn’t feeling good and then… Do you know what I’m gonna say? Uh…No. I had an iced coffee. Oh! Nice. And it fixed me. That’s great. But now it’s getting late again, but this afternoon I worked on a bunch of online store orders and worked on- Whoop whoop! High five! Yeah, getting those out in the mail and… It’s always fun to see your names and where you’re from all over the world and so that’s what I was working on today and… I feel like it’s kind of like we’re transitioning from being, I don’t know. I feel like it’s always a little bit of a cra…crash slash uh just change of pace whenever we come back from a trip because we’re um… I don’t know. Yeah. Easing back into everyday life and all the things that we do so. And tonight Peter was going through a super monotonous job. Something that’s coming on the online store and he is so amazingly sweet and faithful to do those jobs. That is not something that is in my wheelhouse. Um… But that’s teamwork. Yeah. We’re a team. He does the parts that he can do. I do the parts that I can do. And together we make… The Frey Life. And. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ [Mary] Good night, Ollie boy [Mary talking as Ollie] See you tomorrow. ♬♬

100 thoughts on “A DAY WITHOUT MY MEDICATIONS (5.10.18)

  1. Mixing up the routine is GOOD… but you HAVE to make sure you transfer your whole routine or else this might happen! Grrrr! My bad!

  2. A video about Mary's workout routine would be awesome! I have an undiagnosed connective tissue disease (they know it's that but they can't diagnose it more specifically) so I'm really struggling with working out regularly since I'm in pain 24/7, maybe I (and others like me) could get some ideas and motivation from you 🙂

  3. Mary when water looks like it's pooling on top of the soil ,it's called hydrophobia ,a cheap quick fix is just your kitchen liquid soap squirt it liberal,y then water it in other wise you can by wet-a-soil but that's expensive. As for you forgetting your meds we live with chronic illness we slip occasionally. I'm now on enzymes myself and I understand what happens now . Much love xoxoxox

  4. I love your ramen dish; I make it all the time. I have been loving this ramen recipe
    water, onions, garlic, lots of black pepper, a little soy sauce, hot sauce, frozen brocolli, and ramen noodles. I love making up recipes and most of the time they are good.

  5. Mary love your flowers. I hope you didn't dig up the bulbs cause they will bloom again next year. Be careful with the window boxes. I had them for five years and they rotted my window sill so, new windows. Ollie is so darn cute with the blanket over him. Take care, love you all.

  6. I'm really thinking about starting to vlog but I don't know if I have the confidence to vlog. Also what say I vlog about? What made you all vlog and how do you find the confidence to pick up a camera and talk? You both inspire me😘 Also what shall my channel be called if I did vlog?

  7. Mary your hair looks beautiful! Did you perm or curl differently. Doesn’t matter you’re beautiful no matter what.

  8. I always look forward to your vlog. I think we all do! Thank you for sharing your journey, from low moments to laughter. You are such a cute, inspirational couple. Sure wish more people were like you. The world would be a better place. I have been sick lately, lost my job to an illness that may be either acute or chronic, not sure yet, but watching you guys has made me smile and gotten my mind off myself and I can't thank you enough. Love Ollie!

  9. Yeah I have had it happened where I forgot to take my morning meds. It's not good at all as part of my morning medications routine is my antidepressants. When I accidentally forget to take them I feel it the next day and at times I can slip into a depression episode and other times I am fine. I totally get you on that. Alright I am so nervous as I am getting my brain MRI in the morning. Love you guys. Love the flowers! (Except the evil marigolds as I am severely allergic. lol Hence evil part.)

  10. I woke us this morning, picked of my am/pm medicine box, and promote toy took my pm dose! What the heck! I guess that 30 years of taking daily meds is making me loony!

  11. Hi guys 💜, Mary I do the same thing with my glasses – I feel as I can C better. LOL And your soup looks YUMMY
    I LOVE to make something out of nothing! I learned that from my mom – There is 10 of us ! A big gap in our ages, my oldest brother is 82, my oldest sister is 81 and a sister 73, and i am the youngest which I will be 58, so only 4 of us left.
    My mother had passed 28 years ago, but she was a MOTHER of all the MOTHERS. So a big shout out to all the MOM'S.
    Happy Mother's Day 💜
    And as always I will see ya's tomorrow ,Bonnie

  12. I love that #1 The Lord is first in your life and #2 that you care about each others wants,needs…..It's truly beautiful

  13. Thank you for being who you are, I am blessed every day with your blog posts. May God bless you both and Ollie too. I love him very much. I carry the Ollie dog everywhere I go even while I sleep. Thank you ☺️

  14. Honestly, you guys are the most adorable couple ever. It’s kinda hard to see the love people have for each other in a vlog, but you guys are completely different. I can tell how in love you guys are. Having a spouse/partner/loved one that is chronically/terminally ill is extremely tough, I know this from experience. My parents were married for 25 years before my dad passed away and he was critically ill for 10 of those years and also had a child that was critically ill (me). My mom stayed by my dads side the entire time and she’s still sticking by my side. My mom at one point was living out of hotels in la because my dad was always hospitalized at UCLA and I was treated at la children’s and Cedars Sinai. It’s honestly just as hard on the spouse or parents as it is on the patient but in a different way. You have an amazing man, marry. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on the saline shortage here in the us.

  15. Hello Frey Family!! I have been watching your videos and last night decided to subscribe so I wish you all the best. I am from Canada.Hugs

  16. mary, the mango health app is a lifesaver for medication reminders!! i have a 1000+ day streak and actually did a video review on it a while back. also we have the same leggings 😂💕💪🏼🥄

  17. Cut the dead blooms off your daffodils and hyacinths and work a little bit bit of bone meal into the soil around them and they will reward you with good blooms next year!

  18. I use to have to do that vest treatment when I was younger, but it was for when I got sick.

  19. That’s hilarious. That’s the same thing I do when we don’t have any food in the house hah

  20. I know what you mean, I wore a jacket to work for the first time in a few days and was a few minutes early, so I went upstairs to hang it up and almost forgot to punch in! Even though, I said to myself as I was walking up there, "don't forget to punch in when you come back down." Thankfully, it only cost me like 2 minutes. And I take a medication when I come home from work; can't tell you how many times I've taken it late on my days off.

  21. did anybody else notice at 6:28 Mary when she was exercising her arm movements were going to the music lol I was cracking up 😂😂

  22. Where do you live in Mass? Not to be weird but I also live in Mass and I dont know anyone that I watch on youtube that lives here.

  23. Yup,improvising in making meal out of whatever you have on hand you get very creative,Mary.Did you get your hair beauty up at a salon,Mary?Many curls you have.

  24. @The Frey Life "Who can turn the world on with her smile, who can take a nothing day and make it all seem worthwhile, it's you girl, and you should know it" (Words from The Mary Tyler Moore show) theme song

  25. any dog i have ever had, did not like to be covered with blankets. i tried and they would just stand up and shrug it off, or more likely, see the blanket coming and run away lol.

    but the doggy i have now LOVES to be covered. she is short-haired and when i got her she was a puppy. my husband liked to sleep with the window open a bit, and it was end of winter, beginning of spring, probably 40 degrees or so… i woke up and puppy was cuddled between us… on top of the covers… shivering tremendously. i said, you poor darling, and put the covers on her… she fell asleep immediately, and ever since then, she cannot stand to lie down without being covered. i think she finds it comforting or something, because even when it is hot… she wants the covers on 🙂 she is so cute.

    i love Ollie. he is such a sweet boy, and i love you guys too, Peter and Mary. you know, Israel's 70th birthday is May 15th! very exciting times we live in. GOD's blessings on your family.

  26. Mary, your little workout segment made me realize I haven't seen you do a handstand in the vlog in FOREVER!!! Where did they go?

  27. Thanks for not "super speeding" your exercise routine so I could really see the pattern of your stretches. Helped me a lot!

  28. Mary, an artist stands back and squints to see their work sometimes, too. It comes naturally to you, as an artist, I think. You guys are a blessing. I love how you are truly enamoured of one another. Beautiful.

  29. It's actually a blessing in disguise to have one of your meds be noticeable if you miss it. Thanks for another great vlog, I love you hair curly!

  30. Hey guys. We LOVE being outside, especially beautiful days. It does such amazing things for your body, especially by trees. That Ikea cart .. I've been in love with it (color and all) and have wanted it for awhile now. Have a blessed Sunday. Peter … Your shorts are AWESOME! 👍💯

  31. Mary this fall how about planting some crocus bulbs? They are my favorite flowers and the first to bloom in the spring.

  32. I do the same thing with my glasses!! I always do it when I think I'm being to critical of little details in whatever I'm creating and so taking off my glasses gives me an idea of what someone will see when they look at it without seeing any of the "flaws" that I can see 🙂

  33. Mary, I know the pain of forgetting your reflux meds! Not something I like to happen! Hope you recovered quickly!

  34. Maybe try 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. The taste takes time to get used to, but be sure to rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth afterwards because it's extremely corrosive. Using an acid to treat acid reflux sounds counter-intuitive but I've had better luck with that than the meds, plus no side effects!

  35. the problem with the rocks is just new england, find another yard and try to dig, everyone of my family members who lives and has tried to plant something has come across this issue

  36. Maybe I'm imagining things, but didn't Mary get a vest that was all in one on the vest so you don't need the big machine on a cart?

  37. A good trick when gardening if the water looks like it's not soaking into the soil very well you can use dish soap in a bucket of water and mix with water and spread around garden if you use one that is gray water safe it won't kill your plants and help the water penetrate better 😊

  38. 💜 I want love like yours 💜
    You truly are best friends ❤️ and Ollie is the bestest boi 💕

  39. I love your videos and your amazing and lovely people but it puts me off watching Mary cough and talk while on the vest! I can’t hear well when she’s on the vest! coughing into camera isn’t nice! Sorry just saying!

  40. You probably do the glasses thing because with your glasses on you’re mostly looking at the detail of the flowers. But with your glasses off you aren’t so focused on the detail as much as you are the placement of everything. When I’m looking at placement I make my vision fuzzy so I can actually see where everything is placed.

  41. I had a thought…maybe the reason the flowers aren't growing on the right side of your walk, could be because the water from the downspout is draining in that area. Could be the chemicals from the roofing materials. IMO. Love your flower choices.

  42. You two are so amazing! I’m trying to film my journey with invisible illness and I struggle recording and you do it so much! Well done for raising awareness and being so awesome 💜

  43. Song of Songs 2:12-(NIV) Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
    Song of Songs 2:12-(NLT) The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.

  44. oops! whenever I forgot to take my meds and stuff I just thought of it like a mini CF vacation, everyone needs a break now and then.

  45. I can identify with the acid reflux I have barrett's esouphagus and when I forget my omeperazole I will be paying for it later

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