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– We do tell patients
about alcohol, with Coumadin specifically. We certainly, with the
Mediterranean diet we, included in that is that you
can have one glass of red wine. I think the guidelines
are that men can have two and women can have one
glass of alcohol a night. And then knowing that
it’s a regular glass, a six ounce glass or
a five ounce glass. It’s not a big glass. We tell patients they
cannot take their medications
with alcohol. Certainly, the fear for
our older population is alcohol and getting a
little unsteady and if they’re on a
blood thinner and they fall and they hit
their head, that can really set them up
for some kind of hemorrhage. So, it’s really important
when I talk to patients about alcohol and if
they’re elderly patients that are already unstable,
I really do try to talk to them a lot about if they’re
going to drink any alcohol, a little bit, it has to be a
little bit, not very often. I’d prefer them not
to drink alone and just know that that
could affect their balance and cause them to have a fall.

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