AudibleRx™, Medication Information You Listen To

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Imagine a health care setting where patients are motivated to engage their health care practicioners in educated discussions about their
medications. Think about it. Increased patient participation means increased medication adherence, decreased hospital admissions and fewer adverse medication events. AudibleRx provides medication information that you listen to. Medication education for patients, caregivers and anyone else looking to refresh their understanding of the important counseling information for a specific medication. After listening to medication education
session a patient will have a clear idea of what they
do and don’t know about their medications and be more prepared to take appropriate
questions back to their own pharmacist or doctor. Patients increase their health literacy by understanding why they are taking their medications and importantly, what are the consequences of not treating their diagnosis. Consistent and objective medication
information, no advertising, no affiliation with drug manufacturers, provided in an easy to listen to web or app based digital audio format. Ask your local hospital community pharmacy, prescription
insurance company or employer to offer a group
subscription or simply visit the Membership area of
AudibleRx and sign up for yourself.

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