Being a Female Orthopedic Surgeon at Ohio State| Ohio State Medical Center

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You might have noticed, if you’ve looked
up orthopedics before, that we have a number of women working at Ohio State in orthopedics. We have a number of board-certified female orthopedic
surgeons who are experienced and well established and very well trained,
and I’m very fortunate to be working with them. There are not that many female orthopedic surgeons in the country even yet and Ohio State has been kind of a
leader in training and hiring orthopedic surgeons who are women, which i think is
kind of helpful for a lot of our patients who might be more comfortable
seeing a female doctor. Some of the patients are, at first, a little
questioning because they’ve never had a female orthopedic surgeon before and
sometimes they’re surprised that I am actually the doctor. I’d like to think
this is because I’m so youthful but perhaps that’s not it. There are also a
number of female trainees in our program so we’ve had some really top-notch
residents who are women and they are now moving on throughout the country and
are going to make their mark there. It’s very exciting. We have a perspective that’s probably a little different. and it’s quite exciting to be
able to work with a number of doctors in all specialties who are women as well as
men. And I think this gives the patients a really broad experience and a broad
base of expertise in their treatment as well.

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