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Hi, good morning. Nice to meet you. I’m Ellie Park, or Park Hye-joo,
and I’m Park Dong-joo’s sister. – Hello.
– Welcome, Ellie. You must be Jin-mo. Are you from the US? Yes.
I heard your mother is in the US? Yes. You’ll have to study English hard
if you’re going to meet your mum. – Are you going to teach me English?
– Of course. But first graders
only take Korean tests. Then let’s study Korean too. Jin-mo, you’re so lucky. You have a great teacher now. Ellie, it seems like there is
nothing you can’t do. I’ve been babysitting half my life, so I’m a professional who knows
all the ins and outs of the job. Half your life? But you’re young. Don’t worry about your house
and Jin-mo. Hurry up and go to work. Don’t worry, guys. Hurry up, okay? Dad, see you later. See you later. Please take good care of him. You know my number, don’t you?
Please call me if anything happens. – Okay.
– If you can’t contact him, you can call me. I posted my phone number
on the refrigerator. Save it under my name, Teddy Seo. – Do you need my e-mail address?
– Let’s go. Do you do Facebook or Twitter? Let’s get along well. She’s perfect, isn’t she?
This is so fortunate for Jin-mo. She’s so perfect that I feel uneasy. Why do you feel uneasy
when she’s perfect? As a veteran firefighter
of 15 years, I sense that she is dangerous. Team leader Ki, don’t judge people
by your own standards. Ellie is like an angel.
Why would you think she’s dangerous? What if we didn’t find Ellie? We wouldn’t have been able to
go to work like this. You’re right. Sometimes you say
all the right things. Is today a special day? I don’t know. Should we order first? Wait. One more person
will be here soon. Hello, Soo-wan. I arranged this because… I wanted to confirm one more time
what you told me the other day. Soo-wan, are you going to
marry Ji-woon? Mum. I told you that I can’t. Soo-wan. I’ll take care of this. Director Yoon. Soo-wan says she can’t marry Ji-woon
because she doesn’t love him. This isn’t something we can solve… or make changes to. It’s simple, isn’t it? I’m sorry but I’m leaving. Soo-wan, let’s go. We’ll talk later. Let’s end it. – President Oh.
– You know it, too. There is nothing we can do about how
a person feels in a relationship. Ji-woon and I love her,
but Soo-wan doesn’t feel the same. Furthermore, she says
she has someone else. I’m disappointed, but we’re not meant to be in-laws. I’ll be on my way. When did you meet my mother?
Why didn’t you tell me? Goodbye. Soo-wan. How could you do this without
discussing it first with me? I told you I’m not a patient person. And this isn’t about patience.
It’s about pride. How could I not do anything when
she says she loves someone else? Please, Mum! It’s over. Get a hold of yourself. You’re my son, Kang Ji-woon.
Stop making a fool of yourself. Bang! Bang! Oh my goodness. I’m Spider-Man fighting for justice!
Surrender now! I don’t care about justice! You’re the one who should
beg for mercy. You’re back. I’m Catwoman. Would you like some pizza?
I burnt it though. Wow. Crazy. How can a person be this cute? I knew this would happen. Who said she’s competent?
How could I be at ease? Team leader Ki,
I’ll clean up everything here. Don’t worry, okay?
You don’t have to worry. Spider-Man! Something happened today, didn’t it? My… marriage was called off today. This is the first time
I understand… how big a responsibility it is… to meet someone,
receive his feelings, and love each other. It’s so sad that
loving someone very deeply… could also cause great pain. Doctor Kang probably knows… that you think this way. He probably loves you because
that is who you are. Dong-joo. Yes? What do we do if… our feelings of love
become painful for us someday? I know because I’ve been
through it once before. You can’t stop loving someone
no matter how painful it is. It’s more painful to not love… than to lose that love. Father. – Get out!
– What is the reason? Why do you disapprove? We came first before
Ji-woon and you. Dong-joo and I met each other
way before this. We renovated this part
of the building, so it’s nicer. Director Yoon. We were on our way to see you. Doctor Choi will now be working
at the pharmacy here. He says he used to work here. You two must know each other well. President Oh recruited him herself. – President Oh?
– Yes. Director Yoon,
nice to meet you again. Let’s go. Hello. – What’s going on?
– What do you mean? Choi Jin-sang. – I heard you recruited him.
– Yes. Why would you? I know that Choi Jin-sang
is tormenting you. And I think I know why. President Oh. It’s better to have a source of
trouble close by your side. Leave everything to me. I’m better than you
at dealing with people like him. – Keep checking his blood pressure.
– All right. Something is definitely going on. Was he dumped? – That can’t be.
– Why? There are only two types of women
in Seyoung City… who would dump Doctor Kang. Women who are crazy,
and women who are not really women. Paramedic Yoon isn’t crazy, and she’s definitely a woman. What could it be? Do you have a hunch? He said patients come first
so where is he going? The long weekend passed
without much trouble. May is the busiest time for us
since it’s “family month”. You must all be prepared. A lot of events were cancelled
this year. It is definitely quieter than usual. We need to work especially hard
in times like this. We need to focus on preventing
accidents, not on rescuing. Come with me somewhere. We’ll inspect our equipment and
do more dispatch drills than usual. – Yes, Sir.
– Yes, Sir. Teddy. Did you turn off the gas at home? Team leader Ki,
I’m a paramedic, you know. Where? Why are we here?
Do you have to buy something? Yes, a present. A present? For me? In your dreams. It’s Parent’s Day today.
I’m getting a present for father. Pick something. If you buy something today, you get a carnation basket
that you can give to your parents. Really? What do you think? You said I wasn’t getting a present. Ms Jung-hwa told me this once. If you want to thank a girl,
you need to give her something. Something like bags or clothes. Let’s see what we have here. Let’s see.
Which one is the most popular? This bag is popular these days. How much is your heart? Is your heart worth
a bag or even clothes? Soo-wan, I told you he would be
dull as time goes on. It’s not too late. Dump him
before you start to regret. How about this one? Are you really happy? I don’t understand women. Ms Jung-hwa is the best. What? I’m the one
who bought you the bag. Here. Why don’t you give it
to him yourself? No, he will only get angry
if he sees me. Put this on his desk for me. Yoon Soo-wan, don’t forget me. You mustn’t forget me. Wait for me. I’ll let you see my handsome face
with your beautiful eyes. Wait for me. We came first before
Ji-woon and you. We were first. Dong-joo and I
met each other way before this. Soo-wan. Soo-wan. Since when did you do it
and why did you do it? Why would you? Why did you do this? I thought it would be better for you
to not know. Why? You knew how much I was waiting
for him. You saw it yourself. You were waiting for so long. You were longing for him. I didn’t want you to go through the
pain of not being able to see… someone you love again. You were still kids. I thought you would forget
your memories as time went by. Everything fades away over time. You had no right. You had no right to make
that kind of decision. I’m the one who decides
whether to wait or not. It’s not your decision to make. How could you? How could you deceive your daughter
for more than 10 years? You found Dong-joo. You were taking care of Dong-joo. So why did you do it? How could you not say anything? How could you not say anything?
Why didn’t you tell me? Because you two… must go your separate ways. You and Dong-joo are
both my children. You two are my children whom I love. I wanted you to be less pained
and to suffer less. I wanted you… to live a happier,
more wonderful life. I’m your father. I don’t understand why
you went that far. I really don’t know… who you are anymore. Soo-wan. Yoon Soo-wan. By the time you read this letter,
your surgery and treatment… would have been successful
so that you would be able to see… the skies, the stars,
your father, and your friends. You would be able to
see them all, right? It’s fortunate. It really is. It was strange that
I wasn’t by your side, wasn’t it? Were you very disappointed?
Did you curse me a lot? I’m sorry. I really am. Soo-wan. I… have two bad news that I must
break to you at the same time. Don’t be too shocked.
Brace yourself before you read this. Ms Jung-hwa, my mum, passed away. She died suddenly
because of a hit-and-run accident. Also, Hye-joo and I are going
to our aunt’s place in the US… because of Hye-joo’s surgery. We have to leave
on a date that has been set, so we are leaving
before we get to see you wake up. Soo-wan, this is my address.
I’ll write you as soon as I arrive. I’ll call you too. Please write me back. Okay?

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