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(upbeat music) – Hi I’m Dr. Eric Smith from Optimal Health Chiropractic
in downtown Chicago, right next to the Willis Tower, and I want to tell you a little bit today about our practice, how we practice, what we achieve at our practice, and what you can expect if
you come in for a visit. So at our practice, we’re what you call an evidence based and research
based chiropractic practice. So what we focus on is the most relevant and effective treatment
plans and exercises and other modalities to get your issues, problems, pains, aches all resolved in the most efficient and
long-lasting way possible. So the way we do that is we utilize other research methods
that have been proven by not only chiropractors but
MDs, physical therapists, and a host of other physicians that have been proven over
time through clinical studies, as well as just through
their own patient experience, to show that this is
the best way to treat. Now, at my practice a lot of people get actually individualized
care through that type of treatment and protocols, all of which we educate you not only along the way, but after your first visit
you can expect a full report that you’re gonna receive in your e-mail that’s gonna explain
to you your diagnosis, so telling you what’s wrong, can it be fixed, how
long is it gonna take, and how we’re gonna go about that, as well as some tips and tactics in terms of your ergonomics,
how you should be sleeping and other things
that are gonna add into the issues that you have. A lot of times those
things aren’t addressed and if you think about
it, there’s really three parts of your life, one of
which you should be sleeping, the other is working,
and then the third is really your own time,
so we wanna make sure we address all those things. So our practice doesn’t
specialize in just neck pain, we work on low back
pains, other extremities such as your knees, your
shoulders, your elbows, even the bottoms of your
feet for plantar fasciitis. So if you have any questions about what we might be able to treat, any videos that you would like to see, or even would like to
come in and talk to us, make a comment below and
we’ll get back to you or feel free to give us a
call at the phone number below and we’d love to talk with you. See you. (upbeat music)

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