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>>My name is Daniel Rhee,
and I’m an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the division
of Pediatric Surgery At Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am also the Director of
Pediatric Surgical Oncology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. I am trained in general
and pediatric surgery, with special training in
pediatric surgical oncology. Pediatric surgery as a
specialty covers a broad range of diseases, such as congenital
anomalies of the newborn, such as an intestinal atresia. It can also include a
teenager that was hit by a car and it can include something more common, like acute appendicitis. We also take of more
rare disease processes, such as liver tumors and kidney tumors. As the Director of the Pediatric
Surgical Oncology Program, my role is to continue our
excellence in clinical care, to provide the most up-to-date
care and to maximize our outcomes and survival
for our patients with cancer. My research focuses on outcomes in children with cancer specifically. I look at different patient
and population factors and how they may change
the risk of survival and outcomes of children. And the goal is to mitigate these risks and optimize best practices
to allow patients to have the best chance of survival,
the least morbidity. My philosophy toward patient
care is that we are a team, and that includes the
patient and the parents and the treatment staff. And together, we come together
to form a treatment plan, that we can provide the best
care for the patient possible. To me, pediatric surgery
is the most dynamic and most exciting specialty. It covers a broad range of
topics, like I mentioned, but also allows a lot of
different treatment modalities. However, the main reason that
I picked pediatric surgery is really the patients. There’s nothing more
heartbreaking than seeing a child suffering from an ailment. And having the ability to do
what we do to get them better and get them well is
the most rewarding thing I could do with my life. (inspirational bell music) (children laughing)

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