Danielle Tranchina – Lakeview Regional Physician Group

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Lakeview Regional Physician Group [Danielle Tranchina, APRN, Family Medicine]
– Each day I am excited to go to work. It’s a challenge, I know
I’m gonna have a challenge every day, but it’s also rewarding because I am there with each patient givin’ them the best care that I can and working with each patient
to obtain optimal health care. What is a nurse practitioner? A nurse practitioner is a nurse who has additional advanced training to be able to see patients in
a clinic to diagnose patients, treat patients, order tests for patients. What are the main conditions you see and treat? I see patients that have acute illnesses such as sinus infections, low back pain, gout, kidney stones. I also manage a wide
variety of chronic diseases such as hypertension,
hyperlipidemia, diabetes, which diabetes is one
of my chronic diagnoses I’m very fond of taking care of, because we can see where we
are, we know our risk factors, we know where we wanna
get, and we wanna minimize the risk factors so we
can prevent complications. What led you into the field of medicine? As a young child I witnessed my mom taking care of my grandfather
and my grandmother in hospice at home, and
so that was the first time that I decided that I wanted
to be a caregiver, a nurse. – What is your approach with your patients? – Every patient is individual, so I develop a relationship, I develop trust with the
patient, I treat the patient that we’re a team together making decisions for their healthcare. (upbeat music)

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