Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

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clinicians and scientists from the Department of Physical medicine and rehabilitation Of beauty health McGovern medical school are conducting studies one is the use of wearable Exoskeletons these are robots that are used to help Someone who is paralyzed and is unable to walk we will also talk about guru modulation which involves Non-surgical brain and nerve stimulation and finally a device called the brief stem allows Movement following stimulation that is triggered by deep breathing I Was shot in the convenience store robbery? I was told I would never be out of a tear in my life obviously I’m doing very well here has been a Remarkable change in my life. I’ve been participating in the breeze stem study for nine months now and a total of six treatments several times I have noticed that the pain is completely gone for Hours afterwards one time I was pain-free for almost two days My colleagues tired looking at the ways that brings the new labor’s can be used to help recovery of the upper Limb After a stroke or any condition that would paralyze the arm in the hand I thought about combining the use of this drug on 17 with brain stimulation and People who had a stroke at least one year before and we were able to show that one it was safe and number two it Is possible? One of the most exciting things could happen in rehabilitation is the introduction of wearable exoskeletons This is the robot that people who are Paralyzed from the waist down or even from the neck down can use to help them train walking three years ago. I was exercising using inversion boots on a doorway chin up bar the bar camless and I fell onto my back as soon as I fell I Knew that I couldn’t feel my leg my spine is fused from T10 to L1 which means that I Can’t move my legs at all before my injury I was in two marathons and Long-distance relays after my injury I came here to tear inpatient. They put me in a hand cycle and It was the first time that I really felt normal again, I participated in a research project Was one of the exoskeleton I got to walk all around the campus and even across the street through grass up and Down Hills these robots will result in a lot of health benefits people who are more excited about the fact that Even though they know that they will not be able to walk normally once again But by using these robots that their overall health is better. They’re they’re happier. They’re less depressed. It’s a great form of exercise That can prevent many complications that usually happen of a pressed spinal injury after stroke or even multiple sclerosis It’s like a whole new world really you’re back I – I with people which I don’t know anybody really considers that you spend your entire life looking up Everyone and so it just feels so much more natural to be up and walking around Your body even just feel better because I don’t think we were ever meant to fit we were meant to stand and walk The study actually gave me a lot of hope for a future of walking. I honestly don’t know where I would be without tears emotional

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