Doctor Fact-Checks Media On Coronavirus

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51 thoughts on “Doctor Fact-Checks Media On Coronavirus

  1. In my country there are few people got corona but unfortunately bits in my area, but I still go to school cuz I basically don't care
    Then my Principal were gymneth paltrow's mask lmao

  2. Dr. I am confused. Why are we developing a VACCINE for a flu like illness? What is it about this illness that are we not being told?

  3. I'm exactly from the red zone in Italy, you can't even imagine how much people are panicking here. Entire regions blocked, no trains, no bars, no restaurants, nothing. It's horrible

  4. Honestly I think that people in the media are trying to scare people so they can buy overpriced masks and medication. And the thing is that the big fishes in the different industries and markets (stock, forex) benefit from all of this… This world is just… But great video as always! ❤️

  5. This is what I keep telling everyone around me.
    1.Obviously there are people around who are infected and don't know yet cuz' of which it is still spreading. As they're identified and treated numbers will fluctuate.
    2.Does it matter if 20 people are affected or 28? It's a virus. It will spread. What does it matter to an individual other than prevention or treatment? Why is everyone obsessed with numbers?

    3. No, there is no vaccine yet. I'm also a regular citizen with no medical degree like most of you guys. But what makes me say this with confidence? Checking information from WHO rather than a click-baity news article.

    I am from India and we are having prevention tips broadcasted almost everywhere. Phone call caller tunes, television shows, internet, SMS, banners, posters outside important buildings. Everywhere. Just open your eyes and read for god's sake!!

  6. thanks for the video. we definitely need this kind of sensible words. i'm from europe, but living in china. a few weeks ago friends and family were telling me to go back home because we're all gonna die here (in china). now it's them who can't get masks and hands sanitizers… and the media is making it so much worse.

  7. Summary:
    – Politicians and celebs actually don't know a lot about virus.
    – Media is causing panic.
    – Ask a doctor or expert source for real information.
    – Stay alert not anxious.

  8. Thank you so much for your information. You have answered many questions I had on this situation. Very meaningful. Thank you.

  9. compared to Korea and even Italy the US has done virtually no testing till this week. how can it be said it being handled ?? the idea that the spread will subside once mass infection and herd immunity has merit no doubt about it , but at what cost ?

  10. The Jurgen Klopp quote even annoys me. I'm a huge sports fan (look at my username,) but I am appalled that sports are still being played. Shut it all down for a month. I'm surprised governments haven't mandated that. Sports require people to travel from state to state and country to country. Athletes are notorious for playing even if they're sick (especially in soccer,) and there's way too much person to person contact. Then you've got fans too. As a sports fan, I can honestly say that if I spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a ticket and travelled for a big game, it would be tempting to ignore mild symptoms and go anyway. Stadiums are a breeding ground for germs when there's not an international, uncurable, potential virus outbreak. It's selfish and irresponsible for them to keep on playing, and, of all the industries that could stand to go without pay for a month or two, athletes could stand it. The Premier League has asked players not to shake hands, and some of Jurgen's own squad are making light of that rule. Think about how many hugs and handshakes the average players gives on one game day. It's all fun and games until one of them is asymptomatic and plays a match.

  11. Learn from our country, people are talking actively about Covid-19 but we're playing the same political game.

  12. In our country (Philippines) literally i dont know who to believe in in our school. But in our school we clean every single corner of our room, before we enter the school we must sanitize our hands and we must clean everyday. One day my class mate told me that corona virus is in the air and i dont know so i bought a gas mask and a little one. But our doctor on the school say that it just stays on one place until you touch it. So i wore a regullar mask. Thanks to you to i knew how to avoid this virus. I dont usually watch tv but i saw this recommended on my list. And thank God i clicked this video.

  13. With all due respect you never once during this video suggested people wash their hands. That in itself may do more to contain the spread of this virus then all the video's on Youtube.

  14. This has been nothing but fear mongering since day one. Now the Jehovah's Witnesses are using it as the lead-in when they knock on your door. Just wash your hands people!

    here is the site that is updated daily with the coronavirus confirmed cases, deaths, and recovers.. so, if the total confirmed case is around 110k(march 9th), and if there are 3841 deaths, that makes the death rate 110.588/3841=2.87%. If we take the earth's population, 7.53 billion, * it by 2.87 (=21.611 billion), then divide it by 100, we would get the approximate number of deaths, if everybody would be infected(of course, that will not be the case) , which is 216 million. So, after me, this is a pretty high number, after all. And i know, that, with time, there will be cures and stuff, but i think that there is also the chance of the virus to mutate to a stronger one 🙂 it's best to keep it clean and safe..I don't want to cause missinformation, i just assume these facts, but feel free to argue in the comments, because i am also curious about other opinions.

  16. from HK. was watching your previous vid about covid. you believed figures and data provided by who and China and I was like eh, they are the biggest liar but was thinking perhaps you don't understand why we don't trust authorities. now you do

  17. We have the media trying to scare everyone into a SHTF panic. Meanwhile the Trump administration is trying to make it look like it's all bottled up. In between the extremes in rhetoric the truth is sitting patient waiting for Dr. Mike to make a new video.

  18. There was a man at work who was neither anxious or alert. He signed up to help hand out coffee and when he showed up the person who hired him asked how he was doing.
    ''Not so great, actually, I think I have the flu or something. But I don't have work anyways because our company closed after two of my collegues got the corona virus. Huh? No, I haven't been tasted. Don't think that's neccesary. cough cough ''

    He got send home but kept insisting it wasn't needed! The dude was seriously planning to hand out coffee to dozens of people like that (-_-)

  19. I’m a microbiologist and I specialised in zoonotic illnesses. I am surrounded by family and friends that either a) won’t listen to reason because they are convinced we’re headed for a mass extinction event or b) think I’m being silly when I say that we DO need to take precautions. At this point, I’m likely to die from frustration long before any pandemic gets to me.

  20. My brother told me this before on a meme that he saw:
    Doctors: coronavirus is only lethal for the people with weak immune systems
    Media: coronavirus is lethal.
    This is no further from the truth than 1+1=2

  21. Doc Mike is it true that a Chinese guy has spoken with Steve bannon the former white House strategist that the death toll is over 50k and a crematorium is being run 24 7 in Wuhan? I saw this in a news release forwarded through whatsapp,

  22. If you've had the flu before and made it through, you'll be fine. And N95 masks won't do anything for you if they're not your size. You all look stupid, just stop please. Wash your hands, cover your mouth properly, and stay home if you have symptoms of anything.

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