Doctor Pamela Edwards, Family Medicine Physician in Cedartown

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I was 11 when I decided to be a doctor, and
that was fifth grade. I had no one in my family who was a physician,
but I’ve heard my teachers talking about it and I decided that was what I was going to
be, and I never changed my mind. I believe in educating people and empowering
them to make their own decisions. I believe that everyone is doing the best
they can with what they’ve been giving and what they know. I feel that if we educate them they can be
empowered to make better choices for themselves. I also believe that laughter doeth good like
a medicine. So, I really try to incorporate lots of humor,
and it’s very causal and they feel very comfortable with me. If they can trust me, and they know that I
am always going to be there to help them and encourage them, then, they will always do
better that way. When I see them making all these changes,
I really get excited for them. I’m just an encourager.

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  1. I want EVERYONE to know that I was a patient of Dr. Edwards before her journey took her to Georgia. I'm 48 years old and in all my years I've never had a doctor that showed as much compassion, care, and understanding as she showed me. There was never a problem that she did not know how to fix. I will always be grateful to her for all she did for me. To all of Georgia: Know that you have a wonderful doctor and we miss her here in South Carolina! Much love to you Dr. Edwards!!❤😊

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