Doctor Reacts To “Doctors of Reddit” Thread | Wednesday Checkup

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  1. Being a Junior in high school, studying to go into the medical field, balancing a job, and going through my own personal problem with about 2-6 hours of sleep per day maybe me realize how abnormal my heart flutters are considering I've never had them before… And my acid reflux is about 10x worse. 😂👌💀

  2. Well, let us see. I sit for 7 hours at school. I go home sit down and read a book for 2 hours. I go to eat dinner (sitting.) Then I play video games and go to bed. I'm screwed.

  3. Re: Doctor/patient confidentiality. That's not strictly true. I told an ER team that I smoked marijuana and was 5 months pregnant when I went in for an abdominal hernia in 2016. Because I live in Indiana, someone on staff reported me to DCS, resulting in repeated threats to take my children. The inquiry was closed because I don't abuse or neglect my children, but it would never have happened if I hadn't naively believed I could be honest with ER staff. The DCS allegation form letter plainly stated that the complaint came from the ER on the day I arrived to have my strangulated gut moved back into my torso. The irony is that while someone was reporting my cannabis use, other staff were pumping me full of morphine.

  4. "Sitting is the new smoking"
    Me: but what if the person is paralyzed or were told to keep weight off their sprained/broken legs

    Also me half way through the video: my body hurts always 🙁 without noticable injury just pain always

    Me close to the end of the video: bro have I jued been diagnosed with depression?

  5. I wish that all medical professionals really didn't judge drug and alcohol use – I took my niece to the hospital because she threw up a large amount of blood and was in severe abdominal pain. As soon as they heard she'd had a few drinks the night before they said it was just the alcohol and refused to give her any real examination, just ran some blood tests and kept giving her oral nausea meds that she just threw right back up every time. We told them she has a family history of catastrophic bleeding ulcers and they didn't check her for ulcers, they didn't try and find the source of the bleeding AT ALL. Discharged her in the middle of the night with no idea where she was bleeding from or what had caused it. She was in pain for days afterwards.
    I could see the dismissal wash over their faces as soon as she said she'd been drinking the night before.

  6. one day I went to a clinic and told the doctor about my restless leg syndrome and why my body keep twitching when i'm trying to sleep, he just laughed and said he never heard such things..
    I was so embarrassed and never went to that clinic ever again.

  7. Doctor Mike:

    Don’t sit for hours at a time!

    Me Literally on the treadmill at 3.3 miles per hour as I write this:

    I think I have it covered…

  8. I'm genuinely curious about this, is lying down more healthy than sitting? Obviously still exercise, but I'm genuinely curious as I'm a teenager, and an introvert, and so spend a lot of time lying down, not sitting (Apart from school) or standing. On a base level lying down is 90° standing but I want to know what the actual effects are.

  9. Dr. Mike: Stand up, walk around, stop watching videos all day
    Me: *walking back to my phone to look at him * o.O you see me, right? Walking? 😂😂

  10. For the sleep one at the beginning.

    I usually aim for 7 hours, give or take half an hour on school nights. I have a hard time getting tired, so sometimes, it ends up where I go to bed at 12-12:30am and I wake up at 6 (went to bed at 12, woke up at 5:30 today). It's usually because I procrastinated like crazy (today for example. I had this exact schedule), or I just can't fall asleep because I'm not tired. Trying to stop procrastinating, but it's gonna take a while to get out of the habit. So, I'm pretty tired, but not worse than I usually am (I am nearly always tired. Whether I get 4 hours of sleep, 7, 9, or 12). I can't say I performed better, but I definitely didn't perform worse. Another time, I fell asleep at 3-4 am (sleeping at a hotel with 3 other people in the room, two of them snore loudly, I could hear all of their breathing, and there was a really loud AC, I was freezing, and wasn't tired whatsoever. Also, I need complete silence to sleep, because I can't stand the noise. I woke up at 6 am because I wanted to swim and draw the small koi pond they had.) I literally had a ton of energy, as soon as I woke up. I had some coffee at 7:30 (I love the taste of it, but I usually have tea instead), and I had a ton of energy throughout the day. 2-3 hours of sleep isn't good, but in that instance, it didn't bother me too much. Also, the drawing came out good, and I was able to swim. Despite these incidences, I try to get enough sleep, even though I have trouble becoming tired. A lot of the times when I don't get enough sleep, I end up performing badly at school.

    Edit: to be clear, I am always tired during the day, and I am wide awake and energetic at night. Makes for a bad night's sleep, seeing as I'm not tired when I should be, and I'm tired when I shouldn't.

  11. OMG, people are so afraid of the questions by anesthesia! For some reason "2" is always the answer. I learned, when I was OR nursing, I had to clarify what exactly that "2" was!

  12. I did physical therapy for my spine for 6 months before I lost most of the muscle mass in my left calf, and could barely walk, and had to sleep on the floor for months. Had the spine surgery, and when I woke up I had immediate relief, and the pain had never come back. Sometimes when physical therapy isn't working you just have to bite the bullet and have the surgery. I could have saved myself months of agony.

  13. I have cysts on both of my wrists. Ive gone to get them drained multiple times cause i don't want the scars of having them removed. But one time ( don't know if it was a joke or not) the doc told me the "old method" of dealing with them was to flex the wrist to make the cyst rise then slam a large heavy book onto then to make them pop, an that i should try it. I now just let them swell till they pop on their own 🤷‍♀️

  14. There are rare genetic mutations that let people function well on less sleep. I don't have any of those, and neither do you, but they do exist.

  15. I do computer work and I force myself to go get drink (yes tea or water, once a day I drink coffee) so I would get up and I go downstairs take the drink even when I have a drink at the same level as I am :p

  16. Question: one of my friends is sexually active and wants to go to her doctor to make sure that she's healthy. She's only 15 and her mom doesn't know she is sexually active. If she tells her doctor she is sexually active does that go confidential even if she's a minor?

  17. My co-workers and friends always judge me for going to bed at 9:30 ( I wake up at 5:30–6:00 to go to work). I need my 8 hours of sleep!

  18. Awww his temper on DIY surgery
    He is like a father already , mostly calm and harmless but so strict when he sees something harmful around people

  19. I don't know who is wrong him saying that we need 7 to 9 hrs of sleep a night or me staying up till 3:50 am because of life?

  20. What I would like my patients to know – beer is alcohol!!! Telling me you dont drink any alcohol and letting me running millions of tests for finding the reason for your cirrhosis and after admitting you drink 5 beers per day is no help 😐 This is one thing I learned after I started working in Czech Republic – people dont take beer for alcohol here 🙄

  21. My moms friend held off from seeing a doctor about a urinary infection until it was too late. The infection had reached her blood stream and spread to her extremities. It was so bad the leg had to be amputated and doctors are still doing their best to recover her hands to avoid amputation as well as her fingers are be coming necrotic. If you suspect something is wrong, go see a doctor.

  22. This is on letting your doctor know what drugs you take and or how much you drink. I have seen many issues where if we tell a doctor we smoke and we come in with lung problems. In most cases the doctor simply says it's because your smoking. This affected my mom, we apparently lived in a house with black mold and she smokes. Soon after she started having major breathing problems (we didnt know we had black mold at the time) so she went to a doctor and told them she smoked. So the doctor did not even look into her problem until she forced their hand. That's when they found out that she had developed asthma. We then had a test kit and discovered that we had black mold. So I just wanted your opinion on this, and or just to let you know this occurs more often than we'd like to believe.

  23. Dr. : No one else in the world is going to know about it.
    Me: I have Blue Cross Regence.
    Dr. : No one else in the wo… except Blue Cross Regence …rld will know about it.

  24. The antibiotics, I wish all doctors realized that. I get bronchitis all the time, I rarely do not have a cough. I only go to the doctor when I'm worried it might be turning into pneumonia or I'm getting an ear infection. Antibiotics don't help with my bronchitis, but every doctor I have gone to tries to give me antibiotics and is concerned when I tell them no thank you.

  25. "you need 7-9 hours of sleep as an ADULT"
    me, a teenager: i can survive on 2 hours of sleep and 5 minutes in math class every day

  26. Random question: is it true that it can be dangerous to immediately stand up after a night of sleep? Something about the dramatic changes within 🤷‍♀️

  27. I was literally telling my friend that she needs more than 5 hours of sleep yesterday 😂 she said 5 hours was enough and all I could say was I need like 9 to function and I’m pretty sure we need like 7 or 8 so go back to sleep (guess my guess was pretty accurate)

  28. When they're talking about pet limbs not growing back, all I can think about is what about axolotls! Their limbs grow back.

  29. Luckily, my mom once worked in an ambulance, so she knows a lot about medical stuff. I’m glad she is because I can tell her anything that I might be nervous or ashamed of, she would definitely understand.

  30. "Don't be that guy who removed his skin cancer with a knife"

    Me: Feeling called out bc I removed a sketchy mould with a knife

    (A couple of months later I ended up going to the doctor anyways because I didn't remove everything and they removed it for me. They could instantly see it was just a normal mould, it was just a bit larger, like above skin, and nothing was wrong)

  31. If I sit for longer than 2 hours, I start feeling the effects. I have chronic depression and when it flares up, I often will not take my meds because I just don't care. I need at least 10 hours of sleep, however, I am known to sleep 14+ hours.

  32. 8:30
    Is that why the shallow cuts on my arm are still apparent? They weren't that deep other than one of them which after a few months is still pink and rips when I scratch it. Was I just so malnourished the cuts didn't heal well so they scarred?

  33. “Don’t sit for hours watching YouTube videos and Netflix”

    makes YouTube videos about how sitting and spending too much time watching things is bad for ur health

  34. I have MDD which is clinical depression and mental health is heavily linked to your physical health. In my case it affects my weight, and I know Im not the only one who has this affect from depression. Get help! You have people who love and care about you, make sure to take care of yourself. You are loved 💜💜💜

  35. Yeah… doctor patient priveledge does have some caveats to it. I understand why you didn't bring them up though. They are very rarely used.

  36. Doctor – says you should get 7-9 hours of sleep

    High schoolers and people in college – I haven't seen that in years

  37. Him: adults need 7-8 hours of sleep.
    Schools: let's give growing teenagers tons of homework that mentally drain them and make them go to bed at ten and make then go to school at 7. e v e r y d a y

  38. You dude, I work in behavioral sleep medicine, and in fact, some people do function perfectly fine on 5 or 6 hours a night without experiencing any short-term or long-term health detriment associated with sleep deprivation. They're called short sleepers, and they usually end up seeing a sleep specialist, not because of any actually disturbances in cognition, mood, or daytime functioning, but because everyone else is telling them that they aren't getting enough sleep, and that their health is going to suffer for it, and then they develop anxiety around that. This is somewhat rare, but not as rare as you might think. I'm feeling too lazy right now to actually look up the statistic on it, and I'll resist the urge to just spout a random number, but IT'S A THING! Long sleepers are a thing as well – people who need 10-12 hours a night to feel rested and alert during the day. Both of these are very difficult to "differentially diagnose" (in quotes because it's not a disorder, but rather an identification of a circadian anomaly), because obviously a perceived decrease or increase in need for sleep can be attributed to countless other factors.

  39. How the hell do you want me to know my family's medical history if my paternal great grandmother had 13 children and my maternal great grandmother had 12 ?!

  40. doctor mike: sitting is bad for you.

    also doctor mike: does the lecture sitting down. lol

    but for real though, having aspergers and possibly ADHD makes this easy. i can not sit still while watching more than five you tube videos if i'm not sick. it's actually kind of hilarious.

  41. You know what's funny is that because I sleep in total darkness and make sure no light comes through ( I don't like sunlight or annoying rays of sunshine coming into my room like they're invited ) but I have 1 myth though. Is that not everyone needs the same amount of sleep there is a 1% population of which they can sleep a few hours and function just fine for me I'm part of them but I'll fall asleep at least 2 times 1. Morning time after I take my medicine cause my Adderall XR ( after I began to grow out of my last dosage amount been on it since 2007 and I haven't and will not go off of it and if I do I'll have to have it done extremely slowly because the withdrawal symptoms make me have a very bad headache that makes me want to break my skull open -_- but also I sleep sleep sleep sleep and I sleep until my eyes refuse to stay shut! And this makes the headache intensity to pain from a 10 previously to a 10+ meaning I'll more than likely vomit from pain ( as I usually do because I don't like taking medicine I like waiting for it to go away but if it doesn't I get a pain killer ) anyways it knocks me out the adderall XR does ) 2. Afternoon and evening naps but 2 naps I'm set to go and sometimes I don't nap and am a night owl meaning I stay up very late but wake up awake and aware and feeling like my regular self. So yeah that's why I don't sleep a lot but if I do its naps or short amounts of time

  42. Then also People can sleep less and less and less if they're like me that likes staying in dark rooms and sleeps during daytime that's how a night owl becomes

  43. maybe you can do an exercise video with things you recommend? ive been struggling with that for a while, i exercise but i also dont feel like im getting anywhere you know, so id appreciate it if you could do a video about exercise and what to expect from exercise and what not to do and how it works. thanks man c:

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