Doctor Reviews & Tries on “DOCTOR” Halloween Costumes

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100 thoughts on “Doctor Reviews & Tries on “DOCTOR” Halloween Costumes

  1. Hi Please do a Doctor Reacts video to the BBC show Casualty. Its been running since 1986 here in the UK and over the years has featured some actors who went on to become Hollywood stars such as Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet and Minnie Driver. Also could you do a Reacts video to the ITV show Doc Martin. Its about a top London surgeon who develops a phobia of blood so ends up stuck as a local GP in a tiny out of the way fishing village in Cornwall.

  2. Dr. Mike casually going shirtless on his channel like he doesn't know what we're all thinking and adorably playing with a dog. Lol okay 😉

  3. So I play marching band percussion. Marching percussion is notorious for being excessively loud. In the band room, it’s not uncommon for it to be so loud that it is impossible to hear yourself over the drums (small band room). My band director has recommended I get earplugs so as not to damage my ears. Is this legitimate advice?

  4. i wasn't ready for shirtless Doctor Mike, especially that much shirtless Doctor Mike.
    Beside that, I laughed a lot. And uwu'd because of Bear a lot

  5. I don't know what got me more excited, that Dr. Mike had his shirt off or seeing Bear more in the video and becoming sushi 😂😅
    Either way best video so far 😂😅

    Also Dr. Mike, if you wanted to go as a doctor couldn't you have used old scrubs?

  6. I don't really know why but I kinda expected you to moonwalk in that skeleton onesie… you made me laugh a lot and coo at Bear 'cause he's such a sweetie. Also, I think the best costume for you would be a witch doctor… you know, the kind you see in the movies throwing magic powders and doing incantations to cure the booboos and ouchies caused by mythological creatures….

  7. The full skeleton one was the best. They way it reflected light would make it killer at a black light party. It shimmered a lot too.

  8. Just goes to show it doesn't matter how old we get or what jobs we hold… we will all jump at the chance to play dress up!

  9. Don't feel bad bear even the large costumes don't fit my Australian cattle dog who is 35lbs she needs an xl I don't think they make them for large dogs sweet heart my dog is a medium dog. Also human clothes never fit right on dogs due to the shoulder placement dog arms are where are pecks are

  10. I have an awkward question????
    What do I do for my hairline so it can grow back the way it was? It isn't that bad but I want to take action before it gets worse. And also, what should I stop doing so my hairline doesn't recede anymore???

    Does sweat damage the hair?

  11. I am sorry to hijack this video but I have a thing I would love for you to handle in your channel. This is heavy, I hope it is ok to ask here? Do you ever get patients that were or are sexually abused? If they are teens, what do you do in that case? Do you get children and what do you do then? Also, as a person who knows a survivor (victim), how do you approach the survivor? And how as a survivor I can go on? I am still ashamed of myself too much 🙁 I am getting help though 😀

  12. “I don’t think I should buy this it’s $15 and I don’t need it”
    “I’m gonna add it to my cart anyways”

  13. Dr Mike please answer this October is SIDS Awareness month and I saw some comments that people say vaccines causes SIDS I doubt it, also they say not to let your baby sleep on it's stomach or in your same bed but I cosleep my daughter and she sleeps on my chest on her stomach I did the same with my first born till he was 1 years old

  14. Doctor Mike is so adorable. He has more fun than a kid playing dress up😄. True meaning of Halloween!

    Favorite video ever lol.

  15. Omg the best was your skeleton outfit and Bear is good with freaking anything! I love Bear so much haha ♥

  16. I put on makeup and did my hair for a homecoming dress up day and my dogs didn’t recognize me but neither did my class.

  17. Did i rewind just to see dr.mike shirtless… that’s a story i’ll never tell… you know you love him
    xoxo thirsty girl 😂😂

  18. XD yesss I love the dog costume and all the ones u buy but I’m at the age we’re I don’t wear a costume so oof lol

  19. Какой милый пёсик !!! ❤️❤️❤️ тоже хочу такой костюмчик для своих собак 😊

  20. Doc Mike, I love your videos! Would you be interested in doing a video reacting/reviewing some of the worst NFL injuries?
    I was thinking after seeing Pat Mahomes hurt his knee this would be a good video. There are some others on YouTube but really I would love to see you cover it.
    Not to mention, Mahomes is pretty much the face of the NFL right now so it should get a lot of views 🤷‍♂️
    Either way, I love your videos. I don't know how you are able to balance being a doctor and putting up so many videos but keep it up. You're awesome 🤙

  21. okay the doc is hot and all yada yada we know
    but why isn't anybody talking about how freaking ADORABLE Bear looks in his costumes? Baby!!! such a good boy

  22. @DoctorMike What emergency snacks would you recommend for people who sometimes experience Depression Diet? (total food apathy)

  23. not related to this vid but it's funny now that every time i watched any med dramas like the resident and new amsterdam, i'd always be like hmmm i wonder how dr. mike would react to this

  24. Everyone in the comments
    When he removed his shirt 🤤,why is he still single 🤷🏾‍♀️ ,ain’t no complaints🙅🏾‍♀️

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel pls

  25. Where are these pictures! I need them, STAT! How? How can you be so silly one moment and smolder so hot the next? Lol!

  26. 2:08 Really? You have never had or wish you had a light on your head for doing various procedures? In the days before lightwieght electric lamps a mirror on your head did the trick. Well….. assuming it is not a total invention of Hollywood.
    4:12 "I've never undressed a dog before!" Undressed …. UN dressed………… So, you've dressed dogs then never undressed them?????

    That is quite the dog you got there… Chessy I'm guessing.

  27. you look so much like my older brother especially when you smile its uncanny. its completely throwing me through a loop

  28. Sorry, but this might be a dumb question. I’ve been thinking of being a family physician, I’m 15 right now, and I was just wondering…how many days would physicians be able to take off?

  29. Could you da reaction to better call Saul s1 ep 5 theres a medical evaluation on chucks disease I'd very interested in seeing a reaction to

  30. Is it true that meats like turkey, beef, bacon, etc are linked to diabetes, obesity and cancer? Like in the move What The Health it states many of these things and more so I would like some confirmation

  31. Do I have to choose? You look good in all of them, or you are just a good model. I am exited to see what are we doing for Christmas and new year.

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