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Obesity is related to so many
different medical conditions that if we kind of focus on that, we can sometimes
get people off medications for other chronic conditions, which is really great
and so we know obesity is the disease that is really complicated, there’s a lot
of different hormones involved that sort of thing and so if we can get someone to
eat, you know, certain foods, avoid certain foods, kind of timing their eating in an
appropriate way that supports the physiology. I’m Dr. Carly Ernst, I’m from
Nebraska originally, I am internal medicine and obesity medicine physician.
I’ve been practicing here in Arizona for two years. I kind of knew I wanted to
be a doctor as a kid, I wasn’t allowed to but I watched these 911 shows that my
mom thought was too scary for me but I was just really interested in pathology
and so I would sneak away and watch those and it just kind of continued
throughout my childhood. I really enjoyed, kind of, my anatomy classes and biology
classes in middle and high school and it just continued throughout college as well. I see people usually once a month when
we’re really focusing on weight, it’s really kind of coming in once a month
and kind of celebrating the successes and helping through challenges so
there’s always challenges with weight loss. It’s not a steady loss usually
there’s ups and downs, there’s different ways to help if someone’s in a plateau
or has stalled. I’ve gotten a few patients completely off their diabetes
meds completely and they’re just diet controlled, which is awesome to see and
they just feel so much better have so much more energy, sleeping better, overall
just are feeling so much much better

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  1. Hi Dr Ernst, could you please advise on how to get into medical residency at Abrazo? My family live in Arizona and I would like to remain in Arizona without having to move for residency. Thank you.

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