Dr. Claire Shannon | Orthopaedic Pediatric Surgeon

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(calm music)>>My name is Claire Shannon
and I’m an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery
here at Johns Hopkins in the Division of Pediatric
Orthopedic Surgery. As a pediatric orthopedic
surgeon, I’m lucky enough to work with children,
adolescents, and young adults who have a wide variety of orthopedic conditions and injuries. My specialty is working with children who were born with limbs
that grow differently or who, because of an injury, have an arm or a leg that doesn’t grow the same. I perform a wide variety of procedures, including straightening out bones and sometimes even growing legs longer. My research interests are in the treatment of children’s fractures and how they heal, as well as finding ways to deliver better healthcare to everybody. I chose to be a pediatric
orthopedic surgeon because I like working with kids, but also because I get to treat such a wide variety of conditions. Mostly, I picked pediatric orthopedics because I’m inspired by the resiliency and the bravery of the kids
I get to work with every day, and I’m very lucky to
be a part of the team that helps to make them better. I believe that taking care of patients should be like taking care of your family. Having a child who’s sick or injured and may need a surgery can be very scary, and my job as your
surgeon is to communicate, to make sure that you
understand what’s going on and to answer all of your questions. I think that it’s important
that we work together as a team to take care of your child. If you have any other questions
about pediatric orthopedics or any of the conditions that I treat, please contact my office and I’ll be happy to
answer your questions.

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