10 thoughts on “Dr. David Hanscom: “The Perils of Back Surgery: A Spine Surgeon’s Roadmap […] | Talks at Google

  1. If pain pathways are like learning how to ride a bicycle, why do we not maintain pathways on how to do algebra? We must have created pathways on how to do algebra, but because we don't use it, we lose it. Why do some pathways stay forever, never forgetting what we learned, but we lose other pathways from use it or lose it? I'm sincerely confused about that?

  2. Another question, what about hardware in the back compressing nerves, causing pain? Hardware is not normal in the back. I've had allergies to metals, especially nickel. I still itch at my defibrillator site. I have neuropathy from my waist to my feet and was told it was nerves healing. The surgery was Oct 2014. It definitely would be healed, yet, my neuropathy is worse than ever since the pain clinic doctor has taken away most of my opioids. Opioids actually do help my pain. Many ppl with TMS say the drugs didn't help them.

  3. I just found this video. I broke my spine and Iā€™m seriously considering this advice from Dr. to help me. Believe me, when one goes thru pain bad enough, their willing to try just about anything to get well. Thank you Doc. āœŒļø

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