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Orthopedic Surgery, and again, Sports Medicine
has just advanced dramatically as technology has progressed over the last 20 or 30 years. I think when I first discovered medicine,
I really, my motivation for medicine and medical school was to be in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic
Surgery. I was an athlete myself and that’s how I first
was sort of introduced to the field. My name is Doug Mangan, I’m an Orthopedic
Surgeon with a specialty focus in Sports Medicine. Growing up, I played a little bit of soccer,
mostly baseball, basketball and a little football. I had a couple injuries: a knee injury, a
should injury, fortunately I never had to undergo surgery, but I was able to rehab and
recover through all of those. I think that was my first exposure to muscular
skeletal medicine, again, I was really amazed by the technology and the clinical skills
that went into diagnosing and treating. I have two children ages 9 and 7. My daughter is 9 and she’s involved in dance
and volleyball and my son is 7 and is involved in soccer and baseball. I assistant coach as much as I can, which
helps keep me engaged, I sort of find that it’s a fine line between dad, coach, and physician
on the ball field. Those are sometimes interesting hats to all
wear at the same time but it’s, it is, it’s rewarding to be able to share some of my knowledge on
a coaching level, sometimes it’s rewarding just to be a dad on the field even with other
children and certainly it’s additionally rewarding to share some medical knowledge with young

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