Dr. Jaime Ranieri, Franciscan Physician Network Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, Indianapolis

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My name is Dr. Jaime Ranieri. I’ve been a
doctor since 1999 and a plastic surgeon since 2007. I’ve been with Franciscan
Physician Network since 2015. Plastic surgery is a great specialty. Everyone either wants or needs plastic surgery, whether you’ve
just been diagnosed with breast cancer and you’re interested in breast
reconstruction, whether you’re having back pain related to your large breasts and need a breast reduction, whether you’ve lost a lot of weight through diet and
exercise or bariatric surgery, and a new body contouring, or you just want to
reverse some of the damage that’s been done between childbirth or normal aging. I have a wonderful husband, John, and I have two children. When I’m not at the office I spent a lot of
time with the kids so I don’t have a lot of hobbies because it’s hard being a
working mom and taking care of two beautiful kids, but I do like traveling.
My husband has encouraged me to take up golf, so recently I’ve taken some golf lessons. My approach to patients is I want you to
feel special when you come to our office. A lot of times people are
intimidated when they come to a plastic surgeon’s office. From the moment you
walk into our office, when you meet our wonderful staff, to the time you
meet me and interact with me, we want you to feel special.

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