Dr. John Connolly – Centerpoint Physicians Group

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(upbeat music) – I’m Dr. John Connolly I’m an Internal Medicine
Doctor here at the Centerpoint. Internal medicine is what
most people would think of as a general practice kinda doctor it’s very challenging and very rewarding. There are a lot of changes in medicine there’s always new drugs, new treatments, we’ve a lot of specialty
care here at at Centerpoint that we can refer people to. We’re using a lot more technology, we’re using computers,
keeping better track of things trying to make things
better for the patient, easier for the patient and giving overall better care. I work with some of the
greatest people in the world and that may be one of the
best parts of the whole job. I have a nurse that’s been
with me for quite a while she’s excellent and I don’t
know what I’d do without her some of the other doctors
I’ve been working with for the whole 20 years I’ve been here and great, great group of
people they’re like family. It’s been a great opportunity
to use all my skills and help people and it’s been
a privilege to help everybody. It’s really a great job
and I’m glad I’m doing it.

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