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My name is Dr. Matt Fishman, I’m an
orthopedic surgeon, I specialize in sports medicine surgery, which really is
more arthroscopic techniques for the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee. My father is
a radiologist, my uncle’s a urologist, etc., down the line and so it was always
something was part of my life and I was always accustomed to it. I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin but I always wanted to move to Arizona, partly because
my wife’s family grew up here but I enjoy golfing and there’s really not
any better place in my opinion to be a golfer than in the Phoenix and
Scottsdale areas, that’s for sure. Arthroscopic surgery really is what it
means, is we’re using the techniques through a little, small, sometimes three
or four, little, tiny, poke hole incisions through any joint that we’re doing it
for, whether that’s the shoulder, elbow, hip or knee. They try and treat pathology in
that joint in the least invasive way possible, really in an effort to try and
limit pain, get faster recovery, return to function, whether that’s truly sports or
just whatever it is the patient enjoys or trying to be able to get
back to do. I’ve had several patients ask me this but the most common scenario is
the non-surgical techniques that we have, the non-surgical ways we have to make
people feel better and get rid of their pain and there’s always a lot of
different options for each patient. Whether that’s just rest or trying to
avoid certain activities that are causing the symptoms, vast majorities
will pursue non-surgical techniques. Nowadays the big concern, especially with
like younger kids, adolescents and teenagers is really focusing on just one
sport and doing it all year-round. It’s really good to have a variety, it’s
good to have true rest, stretching is extremely important, before and after any
activity, no matter how strenuous it is. You know, going through it on the other
side, I’ve seen my mom, my dad both have hip replacements. I hadn’t seen, really,
what it’s like to interact with the physician and the staff around them,
being in an office, being in the hospital, being on that side of it has really
opened my eyes. My hopes is to provide more, better care to my patients.

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