Dr. Naimish Baxi Physician Profile

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>>My name is Naimish Baxi. I’m a physiatrist here at HSS. As a physiatrist, we always focus on
improving the function of our patients. And as an interventional spine specialist, oftentimes that entails improving a patient’s
pain in order for them to function better. If we can get someone feeling better or
get them out of pain or in less pain, they can tolerate physical therapy better, they can tolerate some of
their home exercises better. As a physiatrist and as a specialist
in interventional procedures and musculoskeletal ultrasound, I have
many tools in my tool belt to help assess and diagnose and come up with a solid treatment
plan for any musculoskeletal injury whether that be the neck or low back,
the hip, the knee, the ankle, the wrist, the elbow, really head-to-toe. I was born and raised in New Jersey. It’s amazing to have this opportunity
to be part of HSS in my home state and I think having Hospital
for Special Surgery resources in New Jersey is an incredible thing
for the patient population here. I think it’s incredible that something as small
as giving a patient advice or something larger as in doing a certain type of procedure
can help really truly make a difference in someone’s life. And so when I hear a patient say that
they can now walk to the mailbox just to get their newspaper and their
mail, that’s just as amazing to me as when a student athlete goes back
and is able to play soccer again.

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