F for Failure Comedy Show – Mistakes from my life – Tapori  Surgeon Stand Up Comedy India

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Eh What ra Machaa Thoooooo! My first trip to Mumbai was at TATA cancer
Hospital as a trainee for cancer surgery. Now see, I’ve never been to Mumbai before,
before this, ok, so the only understanding that I had of Mumbai is they you speak two
languages. You speak Hindi and you speak Tapori. And from Bollywood thats what I understood
and you know how dumb and you know how I am. So I thought this is how you see patients
in Mumbai. So I was seeing and sitting in a very busy
OPD and said – Kya problem hai tere ko, aa beth na… Kya hai, kaan mein dard ho rela hai, dikha. Ey tere kaan ka parda phat gela hai. Andar se baadh aa reli hai, dam banana padenga. peeche se chamdi lenga, chipka daalega, thik
ho jayega. This guy is like, hum Bihar se hein, kya bol
rahe hein aap. Kya bolne ki koshish kar rahe hein. I said – Aisa koi bada koi problem nahin hai,
peeche se chamda nikalega, chipka dalega kya. Ek dum yeh kaan mein ched ban gela hai, usko
apun kya hai fix kar dega, tu tension na le samjha kya… You know, thats the way…thats the way you
talk here But its so easy. Then I found out that this is a very easy
way to explain anything to a patient. Tapori is really easy. Haddi tooth gayee hai, jodne ka hai kya, do
stapler lagayega, theek ho jayega. Its so simple right. Then how do you explain to a patient, you
have a perforated ear drum, its chronic suppurative otitis media, we have to take a graft from
the temporalis fascia and fix it, its going to take one week. Aisa kya bolne ka, phat gayla hai chipka dalne
ka. Kaam Khatam. I was removed from that posting very soon

100 thoughts on “F for Failure Comedy Show – Mistakes from my life – Tapori Surgeon Stand Up Comedy India

  1. Sharing a very short segment because I am still touring this show.
    Up next in Gurgaon – Canvas Laugh Club on 25th June at 6 pm. To catch this show live book your tickets here https://in.bookmyshow.com/pune/events/f-for-failure/ET00058161

    Will upload all videos in segments and full versions in July.

  2. Now thats a " magga" of a content 🤘 Keep it up. Looking forward for other segments (curious about that costume though)

  3. only you can mimic soo many different characters in different accents of hindi and English.. which is brilliant😃 a quality video as always..

  4. first of all a doctor, then a standup artist. pehle hi aap logon ka upchaar karne ke kaabil thay but u took it to the next level by making sure that no one gets ill in the 1st place through ur standup. the one thing that sets u apart is ur ability to make various accents that too with ease.

    keep it up. u r GOOD.

  5. Dr.Chaturvedi..u r simply awesome..n u r my favorite because u r among those very few clean comedians..n u completely understand what exactly a humor is… that's why a huge respect for you and lots of love….n I really don't know how do you manage so many things together…

  6. I am a Medico and I fully agree that "Kaan Ka parda phat gela hai aur andar se baadh as rahi hai" is a much simpler way to explain chronic suppurative ottits media

  7. Speaking in Tapori would make communications with Patients easy. They would also follow all advice. Otherwise Tapka Dalega kya

  8. I have seen your show live at Canvas Laugh Club Mumbai. Loved this Tapori bit a lot. Saw your second show at TAP Andheri with my parents to see this bit again.

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