FEMA Accessible: HHS Emergency Prescription Assistance Program

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After you’ve experienced a disaster,
taking care of your health may be difficult, especially if you don’t have health insurance. The Emergency Prescription Assistance Program
or EPAP is a program managed by the Department of Health and Human Services to help survivors with their medical needs after a disaster. If you do not have health insurance,
you may be eligible for free refills for your prescriptions, vaccinations, or replacement
medical supplies and equipment. If you are eligible, you can replace your
prescription medications for free, up to a 30-day supply, and get refills every 30 days
for as long as the EPAP is activated. Most pharmacies participate in EPAP,
but it’s always a good idea to check. You can also request vaccinations
and replace your medical supplies or equipment, such as canes and walkers,
if they were lost or damaged due to the disaster or while you were evacuating. If you have health insurance, Medicare, or
Medicaid, you are not eligible for this program. Instead you would use your
health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid to refill or replace the prescription medications,
supplies and equipment just like you normally would. Remember, EPAP is only available
when activated after a disaster and will only cover things that
your healthcare provider has prescribed for you. AND you have to go to a pharmacy
that participates in the program. To learn more about the
Emergency Prescription Assistance Program, such as which pharmacies participate, visit PHE.gov/epap
or call the EPAP Hotline at 855-793-7470.

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