Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Gregory Weinstein

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– My father was a doctor
and so was my grandfather. I remember as a young child, going into his office and kind
of snooping around the office when I was six or seven. And so I grew up around doctors. I loved it, I wanted to do it,
and I’ve never looked back, because I really come to work
everyday and I love my job. My name is Gregory Weinstein. I’m the Vice Chair of the
Department of Otorhinolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery. I’m the Director of the Center
for Head and Neck Cancer, and the Director of the Head
and Neck Cancer Service Line here at Penn. I see the broad-spectrum of
head and neck cancer patients. I see patients with
mostly HPV related cancers of the throat. I see voice box cancers. I have special expertise in
doing surgical techniques that save the voice box even if you’ve gone through
radiation or chemo radiation, and the cancer’s come back,
we can use surgical techniques that preserve the function
of speech and eating without a permanent tracheostomy
in large numbers of cases. This is really important work that we do. Trans-oral robotic surgery
is a minimally invasive surgical technique that
allows us to remove primarily HPV related tonsil
and tongue based cancers, through the mouth using
surgical robotic technological that reproducibly gives over
a 90% chance for a cure, and outstanding swallowing
and speech outcomes. And presently has become
a standard of care option for the management of
head and neck cancers. All of my colleagues are world class. I’m very proud of the fact,
as the Director of the center, that we’ve helped build and attracted some of the greatest talent worldwide to join us here at Penn. This team together, that works cohesively, and meets regularly, is phenomenal from not only a clinical basis, but we do some of the most cutting
edge research in the world. When the patient comes here, they know they’re going to be able to see all these different specialties. They’re going to get all
of the rehab they need here in a unique way, in a phenomenal way, so that, as quickly as possible, we can get through the treatment. We get you back into work, back into life. If you’re a patient looking
for state of the art, compassionate care that’s
going to be well thought out, you’ve got to come to Penn.

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