Highlighting HSS Female Surgeons on National Women Physicians Day

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>>As soon as I saw hand surgery, I realized
it was a really wonderful and diverse specialty that mixes both orthopedic surgery and plastic
surgery, and I really enjoyed that sort of intricate nature of hand
surgery and microsurgery.>>So, I became interested in foot
and ankle really as I was going through all the rotations here
at HSS during my residency. And what I really particularly was drawn
to in foot and ankle was the ability to combine all parts of orthopedics
in one subspecialty.>>It’s just a forward-thinking field with very
high energy, smart people but have a lot of, I think emotional intelligence in
addition to intellectual intelligence.>>My first experience was actually
on the service with Jo Hannafin. She was one of the 12 sports
attendings here at the time. And she was just an icon.>>Women in orthopedics now, board-certified
orthopedic surgeons, now represent about 10% of the board whereas 15, 20 years ago
it was really only 3% of the board.

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