HSS Minute: Distal Biceps Study

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>>Traditionally, distal biceps repairs were
done through one big incision or two incisions. And we, because of some innovations that
have occurred with implants that we used to repair these tears, a small
button was developed that can be done through a relatively small
incision on the front of the elbow. Theoretically, there is less
risk to the patient. So that was the assumption, and we did a study
to hopefully, you know, support our assumption. And we found that the results
clinically have been excellent. Patients are doing very well. The surgical times has decreased, and
our complication rate is extremely low which is really what you look
for when it comes to surgery. These findings are important because
patients, you want to get them as good as possible clinically but also subject
them to the least amount of risk when they’re going through surgery. So if we can do something
through smaller incisions, making a much stronger construct while at the
same time minimizing their complication rate, that clearly benefits both the
patient and the operating surgeons.

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