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*Bird’s Chirping* I bet you you can’t do it. It’s definitely going to fall off. I bet you I can these waffle cones are super sticky Okay, then go prove it if you do that. I’ll give you ten times the ice cream amount Okay. Yum, yum yum yum yum, chocolate ice cream my favorite. *shock* Draco what did you do? Now, your real ice cream-top now. no am not you liar its no way an ice cream stuck on my head Um-Hmm wait a second. Oh no the ice cream actually stuck on my head Draco Gold what did you guys do? Oh no, look what we did! We got to get her to the hospital fast! Let me type in some files. Oh, hey Uh, welcome to the hospital. How may I help you? Hi. We have a- Well, he made a cone stuck on her head. Oh, he’s wait wait Are you are the worst friends ever! You guys stuck a cone on her head? Are you crazy? uhh I told him he wouldn’t be able to get us put on their head permanently and he had to prove me wrong for I Ok, how about you guys get a drink of water first. I’ll bring you in the operation room I’m not sure if I get get this cone off her head though. Well, I’m Dr. Funneh. Nice to meet you. What’s up? Doctor, Doctor it was only suppose do be a hat. Ok, let’s try pulling it off first. The pressure, I’m stressing. Hurry drink more water. It’s glued in there very tight you guys you know what please put on patient uniforms, and I will bring you to the surgery room and You have to plan your patient uniform in case mouse bag No You have to put it on it’s for safety regulations all three of you please put on the patient uniforms But I’m that point I don’t care why would you stick a cone on her head|?!? How did you crazy? Why would [a] coldness that I got my? Assistant looks like she really wants to help someone sorry all of them are taken by me all right you guys follow me To this room You know what how do I give you a tour of the hospital first? but You’re cold in my head. It’s okay the cone. You just need to relax you are way too tense I’ll even save yourself Keaney and run it tonight. No don’t go brandon babies guys this baby’s name is baby one They don’t have named yagi. Well. I want a baby. Wow. This is so cute Can I keep it? I just need to pamper up these babies first change the diaper And then we will move on to your cone situation can I keep this one? No, you can’t keep round two babies dude They’re [not] your babies, okay, well put Japani back now follow me into the surgery room So what were you [guys] thinking when putting a cone on her head I? Like being anyways. I mean you ain t. Iowa awaking, but it wasn’t kind of work. I go home It wasn’t going to work. Okay, right rainbow [me], please sit on the operation table without the baby Wish to baby Yes, wait. [nobody] without the baby rainbow, please remove the baby goals you have an important job to do Okay, you need to hold this glass of water for me, so I could dip her hair in it Okay, and Dracula got no is gay quite tobacco you get the most important job you get a type these Weird things on the computer that I’m going to say Okay, all right rainbow, right? I will take you through the procedure super safe so all you’re gonna have to do is close your eyes I Don’t think the water is working on her head guys hmm, dr.. You yes fine you haha Nico Ha yes my gosh, I hallucinating let me see her heart monitor seems fine. She seems pretty healthy guy That’s [what] he’s like. I don’t hate the water. Don’t drink the water. Okay, you know What was it have to move you to the afternoon come on [Manuel]? Please help her out And we’ll move on to the x-Ray room giraffe could you try to get out of it down? Yeah twice against a fairy. Can you okay? I don’t know what you’re typing You drew a smiley face this all the time you just you just made a smiley face emoJi Well, I don’t we know. How you eating oh Okay, you know what let’s move on to the x-Ray room Please take a seat everyone. Let’s check on Rainbows skull here you go rainbow right after clicking a button no, God, you can’t present only for doctors ah No, you guys you can’t help she’s point you to stop at all. Oh. Oh this one get on here rainbow Over here. Ok ok. I’m winking y’all ready. I way to go a movie What rainbow it’s a suspension arm on your left side, right? We’re great, man fine. I think it’s 120 it again ok fine, but the x-ray so my guys uh Ok I think that’s broken. I don’t think she’s a penguin. So we’re gonna go ahead and try again My my my moment ok would give you an X-Ray one more time quick, huh? It’s noble could be harming that she’s a penguin you guys She a penguin Is that what I’m calling back on her? Way my wallet point how might you get an x-ray come sit up here all [of] [you] get an x-Ray? Let’s see if you’re in an ok condition much chef gold gold your foots fracture, too I fell the other day But I didn’t really care cuz I’m a rebel um are you meet this doctor is crazy Gwion? Renault you bean how would you are very ill drago? Can you take a seat for us lay down, okay? You? Guys look at this. I’ll prove it to you will just press the plane and drago just look I don’t you are broken You you’re closing gasps can we behind you connect [ok] I’m not broken you’re all Going to the room right now and getting cash. Come on everyone stay in the room as I put a cast on you guys ok Let’s type down the procedures Broken everything see I don’t know why didn’t go the hospital before all their legs are broken and arms there you go [I] feels all of you guys up just for safety so in the future you do not break your Legs or I had a bad cut more than when they had I don’t feel really no not yet totally fine You’re totally fine. Look I did put the good I’ll be hard to walk. Look look like it’s a rainbow Good thank dr.. Is crazy. He put me in a marshmallow I Feel funny what okay rainbow. Can you just said yeah? We’ll try removing it one more time. If it doesn’t work then Huh, you know. It’s stuck on your head forever wait forever. I can’t live with that girl I mean we could cut off your head and make you fall But I don’t think you want me to cut off your hair. Do you Know nobody here. I ain’t nothing here. I will try removing it. Yeah, it’s definitely stuck What [are] you [glad]? I what’s the doctor the doctor and all that good pussy Did you know that government down any that’s why you can’t see if he’s I’m wearing a mask You know what everybody follow me. Let’s go get you into a wheelchair and send you home. I think as adopted today I was pretty successful. Hey guys, [okay] doctor Can you look at me do all my second when you say that okay fine? Let me put on my doctor uniform drinks the middle or water what? You have you look at me and tell me that. I look fine. Can you tell me that? I just fine I think you look super great. You’re all safe now You see all these pointy corners when you bump into it. You won’t even get hurt anymore because I Marshmellow say to you on my scar know what actually golden choco stay still. I’m gonna Marshmallow safe you too until marshmallows save myself There you go. I’ll bad now you guys could never hurt yourself again or see I can’t even hurt myself see this corner Fab Marshmallow safe without the protection of Marshmallow puppy safeness. I could have hurt myself yummy We live like wavy people right? Yeah, you know. What follow me. I will show you do you need a wheelchair anyone Ya allah, ya, it’s really hard to walk You know what I’m going to use my awesome Big kid Bike now. Let’s go follow me you guys I’ll show you how safe this marshmallow suit can be Coming through everyone the Queenie marshmallow crew You guys you can still enjoy a banana smoothie with all the marshmallow yard. Oh, if some just fell to me That’s totally fine though. Hey Don’t you like it guys you’re safe now one hundred percent safe and Kinda hard to doing and [e] no no no Just because some still for you does. It doesn’t mean it’s not cool You guys thank you so much for watching this episode of Roblox meet City. I hope you enjoyed me being a doctor I think [I] did pretty good by the way. I mean I casted them all up We got Banana Smoothies and we will be safe forever Hey, and if you did enjoy it Please leave a like down below for More robots, and we will see you all in the next video Bye guys, bye

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