Integrative Medicine at Edward-Elmhurst Health

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It is fantastic that we’re offering
Integrative Medicine within the Edward-Elmhurst Health System. Integrative
medicine is the future of medicine and we’re really on the forefront by
offering this to our patients and to the community as a whole.
So integrative medicine combines both physician care along with all of our
healing therapies such as acupuncture, guided imagery, Reiki, mindfulness therapy
and naturopathic nutrition. So I think of it as complementary not alternative. So
it’s very important for us to collaborate and to work with other
healthcare providers as an integrative medicine clinic. Acupuncture, Reiki,
massage – it opened my eyes. It’s worked for me, and the more I experienced that the more
I’m able to offer that to my patients. Acupuncture is a whole medical system. It
has been around for about 3,500 years and is based on the
concept that every human body has a flow of blood and oxygen. I mean if that flow
is flowing properly, it’s going to allow the body to heal itself. You know my
husband and I are both success stories of acupuncture, having had our own
personal issues that we were able to have treated through acupuncture.
I see great potential for impacting a lot of people’s lives.
Reiki elicits a very deep sense of relaxation for the recipient. It moves
that recipient from feelings of stress, worry, anxiety to feelings of relaxation,
peace and calm. Reiki was one of the options that I
had available to me that was able to help me deal with my stress and anxiety,
and how I felt afterwards was absolutely marvelous. Naturopathic nutrition
addresses chronic issues, acute issues. Also addressing the preventive side of
things. I had a scheduled operation for a
complete shoulder replacement, and I started a cleansing program for seven
days, and I think that really had helped with my healing process and little or no
pain from from the surgery. Mindfulness, guided imagery and hypnosis,
they help people to experience a deep sense of relaxation and help them focus
their mind in a way that helps them resolve whatever challenge or problem
that they’re dealing with at the time. And I have recommended it to
many people that I know that smoke, and they have been interested, because
they’ve seen what it’s done for me, and they want what I have. This is the future
of health care, combining all therapies both mind-body wellness, natural
therapies as well as when we really need. Our surgeons on staff our physicians on
staff now are offering complete care. And it’s so incredible to see the
transformation that can happen. That they can feel better. That they can lose
weight. That they can have less pain. That they can sleep better, or that their
digestion is better. I think it’s very exciting what we’re doing here at Edward-Elmhurst and that we’re trying to integrate more different kinds of
complementary treatments into how we treat the patient, and I find that very
exciting and it works.

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