Is Prescription Drug Abuse a New Problem?

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation: Is Prescription
Drug Abuse a New Problem? You’ve probably heard that prescription drug abuse has hit
new high levels. Maybe you know someone who is addicted to one of these drugs. It may
surprise you to hear that prescription drug abuse is nothing new in this country. It goes
back a couple of centuries. In the early 1800s, men went to saloons and women went to their
doctors to get laudanum. This mixture of alcohol and opium was prescribed freely for a variety
of problems including cramps, illness, or melancholy. It was even given to babies. Many
people became addicted and continued to ask their doctors for the formula long after physical
ailments were gone. During the Civil War, doctors didn’t have much medicine to help
injured soldiers. But they had morphine. By some estimates, there were hundreds of thousands
of former soldiers addicted to this drug after the war. Pharmaceutical companies tried to
find remedies for these addictions. But it turned out that the remedies were also addictive.
Morphine was said to be a remedy for opium addiction and heroin was used as a treatment
for morphine addiction. Methadone is used for treatment of heroin addicts but methadone
is also addictive. America already has a two hundred year history of prescription drug
abuse. Today, you adults are the biggest abusers of prescription pain relievers, stimulants
and tranquilizers. They do it to get high or because they falsely believe the drugs
helped them. Even worse, last year 12,000 Americans died from unintentional overdose
of prescription drugs. That’s over 30 deaths per day. It’s time to end addiction with effective
drug rehabilitation that helps a person overcome the cravings and compulsions. That is Narconon.
Learn how the Narconon program can save the life of someone you love. Call Narconon today
at 1-800-775-8750.

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