Life of a Doctor: What a Typical Day in the ER looks like! + VLOG

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This video is sponsored by Squarespace Hey everyone! It is my day off and I am in china town And guess what? I am here at a dumpling place that was recommended by my friends Stan and JD And it is this place called Fu Zhou Cuisine Guys check out my crew for my vlog Thank you everyone for coming today Hard work great job. Just kidding, there’s a movie being shot on this street Came back home this morning. Candy was walking really funny, and I thought she dislocated her shoulder one of her arm was like this and she was like So I got freaked out but then she just had her pop caught in her collar she was fine I’ve been watching azar on Netflix one-hour show and I didn’t want to watch it tonight because It just seems like a too much of a time commitment for my precious day off So I didn’t watch it which like I don’t know if that makes sense to you But then I ended up watching like two hours of YouTube basically like about nothing. My carb feels all Defrosted I don’t have a crazy creative ideas about how I’m gonna cook it. I’m just gonna cook it So here it is my meal prep for the week fish and sweet potato fries and some for home – Alexa turn off bedroom lights Hey guys it’s Sunday And I am headed off to work had the worst kinda dream where I just saw patients in my dreams all night Anyway, I’m not going to film the hospital because of patient privacy and this hospital policy But I will explain a little bit about what happens at work So since I can’t really film in the hospital due to hospital policy and patient privacy I wanted to use some drawings to explain to you how things work in the emergency department And what I do on a day to day basis when I go to my shifts? So when I first get to the hospital I get what’s called sign out from the previous resident that I’m taking over for Sign out is basically a process where the care of the patient is transitioned from one team to another and the sign out process Happens once or twice per day because the emergency room is open 24/7 So every time a new team comes on to work, we need to hear about the patients that are still in the emergency room So I hear about the patients who are still being evaluated and I hear by new labs or imaging that needs to be followed up And if the patient is being admitted to the hospital that I’m going to be the person watching over that patient until the patient is transferred to the hospital floor So in the emergency room, there are computers with lists of patients and we call it the board So what I’m ready to see a new patient I look at the board and I look to see who has been waiting the longest their name and their age their chief complaint Or the reason why they came to the hospital and I can write my name down next to the patient’s information So that all the other staff members looking at the board now knows that there’s a doctor assigned to the patient I then look over the electronic chart to see if the patient has ever been in the hospital before What their medical problems are after that I go to see the patient at bedside and talk to the patient about what’s been going on So I take my history and do my physical exam and then I start to think about what the patient needs does this patient need Medications IV fluids labs imaging etc. Something important to think about early on in patient care It is the patient’s disposition, which is basically where the patient will end up going after theirs and emergency room Are they going home or are they likely going to be admitted to the hospital for further care? At some point after seeing the patient, talked to my attending physician about the patient and present the patient I give my brief history and physical exam findings my impression of the patient and my plan for the patient the attending will go see the patient and either agree with my plan or sometimes they will disagree or add on more things to my Workup of the patient because I’m a resident and still in training the attending physician has to see and supervise every patient that I see In the emergency room sometimes while I’m seeing a patient or while I’m doing something else I will get a notification Which is either an overhead announcement or phone alert at a very sick patient or trauma cases coming to the hospital? I then pretty much drop whatever it is that I’m doing And head to a specific area of the emergency room called a trauma room or the resuscitation room A lot of people will show up to the same area to prepare to take care of this very sick patient including doctors nurses people who will do EKGs and x-rays people from surgery team or anesthesia if needed it could be a car accident a gunshot wound or Someone having a heart attack or stroke it could be anything So after we take care of this sick patient and after things are more or less squared away We all go back to what we were doing before which is taking care of other patients in the emergency room So this goes on for the entire duration of my shift, which is usually 12 hours So they say the goal for an intern should be seeing one patient an hour So that would be 12 total in a 12-hour shift And I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but things do get piled up So at this point in my training, I’m seeing any word from 8 to 12 patients during my 12-hour shifts So after my shift is over the nighttime or the daytime Team will come and we do our sign out process just like we did what my shift first started So I hand off my patients and then I go home and that’s pretty much it the beauty of emergency medicine Is that once you’re done with work and you go home? You never have to hear a phone call about a patient that you’ve been taken care of So when you’re at work you’re working and when you’re home you’re home. So I hope that was helpful in kind of explaining How things flow in the emergency department. I know it can be really different from other parts of the hospital So let me know if you guys have any questions And definitely let me know if there’s any video ideas that you guys have for me or if there’s anything that you guys want me To talk about in future videos, so that’s pretty much it for today And before I go I want to thank Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video when I launched my website two years ago Squarespace is a platform that I use to launch my website and it is still the platform where I have my website on today Squarespace gives people a powerful and beautiful online platform to create websites They make it easy to create a beautiful website or an online store with award-winning templates You can create websites with Squarespace is all in one platform There’s nothing to install pots or upgrade and it all comes with 24/7 customer support Squarespace offers a unique domain experience that’s fully transparent and simple to set up. It’s used by a wide range of people like musicians artists designers restaurants and more So if you guys want to try squarespace You can go to Squarespace comm slash strive to fit and you can get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video as always if you want to support the channel you can go to for some merchandise and if you are not following me on Twitter or Instagram you can do so to add strivetofit Okay and if you want to check out any other videos you can go over here and check out some of my other videos

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  1. Awww its different with surgical reaidency here in my town Manado, indonesia… we dont have any emergency medicine doctor… so basically we are the one who examine them in the emergency unit, and then if they need a surgery we will do that… and when im home and the patient get worst or something like that they will call me, and if the patient need re-surgery i have to be there too…
    my residency shift usually 34-40 hours 😔

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