Lily Narusevicius, M.D.-North Shore Physicians Group

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Hi, I’m doctor Lily Narusevicius. I am an
internist here at North Shore Physicians Group in Salem, Massachusetts. I attended medical
school at the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and did my residency in Philadelphia.
I recently moved back to the North Shore, which is where I am originally from. My roots
are here and I have now returned. I decided to become a physician because when
I was in high school, I was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident and actually
was paralyzed for about six months and realized that only through the help of the physicians
that I had and their faith in my recovery would I be where I am now.
So, I decided that this is the path that life has given me and I wanted to do the same thing
for other people. I think that NSPG offers wonderful access
for patients to, again, some of the best specialty care and primary care probably in the world.
A great patient benefit is they have access to Patient Gateway, which allows the patients
to communicate with us in a much more timely fashion. They are able to access their lab
results, I am able to communicate with the patient and the patient can communicate with
me. I love being here on the North Shore and treating
people who live in my community. I see them in the supermarkets, I see them at the carwash,
and I think it establishes a great rapport knowing that I am here also.

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