Medical Careers : How to Become a Brain Surgeon

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Hello, my name is Mark MacBayne. I’m the Practice
Administrator for Hematology and Oncology, and Adult Bone Marrow Transplant at UCSF Medical
Center. I’m here today to talk about how to become a brain surgeon. A brain surgeon, is
a physician who specializes in surgery on the brain. The first step in becoming a physician
is to complete an undergraduate course of study at a four year college or university.
Typically, one interested in going to medical school will major in a science, such as biology,
however, this is not required. If you do not major in a science, however, you will need
to make sure that you complete all of the science prerequisites for medical school.
That being, at least two years of biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and calculus.
Medical school is highly competitive. And in order to be a viable applicant for medical
school, you will need to keep your GPA at or above 3.7, during your undergraduate career.
You will also, you need to take what’s known as the MCAT, or the Medical College Admissions
Test. This is a standardized exam, that all med school applicants must complete. Medical
schools use your MCAT scores, along with your GPA, to evaluate your viability as a “stu”,
medical school student. Once you’ve started medical school, you’ve committed to an additional
four year course of study. The first two years are typically reserved for didactic instruction
in the health sciences, and the second two years are typically reserved for clinical
instruction. That is , learning the clinical skills of being a physician. Upon completing
medical school, you become a medical doctor. However, you’re not quite ready for brain
surgery. First, you must complete a residency in a surgical program. Particularly, in this
case, in neurosurgery. Neurosurgery is one of the few specialities that does not employ,
necessarily, the match system. “How”, so you would need to apply to teaching hospitals
that have a neurosurgery residency program. This is a minimum of “a”, an additional eight
year course of study, beyond your medical school education. And during these eight years,
you learn first the skills of a surgeon, and second the skills of a brain surgeon. Upon
completion of your residency in neurosurgery, you can opt to go on and do additional formal
studies, during your fellowship. Upon completing all of your formal post graduate training,
you can take the board exam and become a practicing neurosurgeon. This is Mark MacBayne, Practice
Administrator for Hematology and Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant at UCSF Medical

43 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Brain Surgeon

  1. Some of the people commenting on this video have absolutely no idea what they're in for if they decide to go into Neurosurgery. If ANY of you are planning to go into Neurosurgery for the prestige, you'll be in for a rude awakening. Sure, it may be "easy" to say that you want to go into Neurosurgery, but do any of you have the dedication to stick with it after 10, 20, or even 30 years? Think about it…it's not all just about the money and the glamour.

  2. So much respect for neurosurgeons (and doctors for that matter). They dedicate THEIR life to research, training, and schooling to save the lives of OTHER people. Sure they go through hell but if that's what it takes for them to make an impact on society, so be it.

  3. @Keeeeeeeeth yes but they're pretty much the highest respected people in the world. srsly they have to go thru hell. i'd rather be a navy seals with asthma than go through that much hell

  4. @link0zeldarulz89 its seems you are lazy… also you do not have enough education for becoming a doctor… you and people like you are losers…

  5. Yes they make a ton of money but they also have to spent a ton of money to become a neurosurgeon. So by the time you are one it will probably take you a good long time to make back the money you spent to get there. Then you have to take into account that you will probably always be busy and rarely ever get the time to relax and enjoy the money you do make. What is the point in making a ton of money if you never get to enjoy it?

  6. Thanks for the information. I am only in high school… A freshmen and I want to work for this goal.

  7. I'm so euphoric c:
    I have a higher GPA than 3.7
    I do have what it takes yes c:
    I love this, my dream career c:

  8. not really my cousin is a brain suregon he was on the school hockey team and had a large group of friends so in short its not social life its how you apply yourself at the appropriate time

  9. right because im sure this well respected man who is a practice manager at the UCLA with a Master of Public Health degree is tooooootaly an idot right???? -.-

  10. I want to become a Neuro surgeon so right now im in 8th grade and next yeat I will be taking honors biology and geometry so I can get a hit in college

  11. being a neuro surgeon is my dream along with going to Harvard med school do you think i would have a chance of being accepted if i did undergraduate schooling in the uk
    (i know harvard is prestigious soo no 'it's hard to get intos..')

  12. I have two careers in mind. I know becoming a neurosurgeon is one of them. I just hope when I commit that I have what it takes.

  13. 4 years in college (majoring science) + 4 years in medical school + the test that he said + 8 years for practicing = 16 years OMG

  14. I'm halfway through college now, majoring in biology and want to become a neurosurgeon someday. An older professor of mine told me that i could become a nurse if i wanted to, but i would never become a neurosurgeon because i am a woman. This has become even more motivation to achieve my goals! 🙂

  15. I wouldn't be so focused on the salary of a neurosurgeon. I'd be more focused on actually learning about operating on the brain so that I don't fuck up and kill someone.

  16. Wow, I expected 8 years more studying to become a doctor and a few mores years on top of that to become a brain surgeon, and it all adds up to 16 more years to be a practitioner and few additional years to be an Elite :/ I am looking forward to it 🙂

  17. Im only 15 in high school, I always A+ and straight A's , surgery is something that I am passionate about . The brain , that gift we got from god, I love the feeling of having a life of someone and I will succeed but I am a girl.

  18. Takes 16 years to become a neurosurgeon and a just a couple seconds to kill yourself

    I think im going to kill myself

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