Medical Careers : How to Become a Heart Surgeon

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Hello my name is Mark MacBayne I’m the Practice
Administrator for Hematology Oncology and Adult Bone Marrow Transplant at UCSF Medical
Center. I’m here today to talk about how to become a heart surgeon. Heart surgeon is a
physician who specializes in cardio thoracic surgery. As with any MD you must start by
first going to college. You will need to obtain a degree from a four year college or university.
Typically majoring in a science, this is not required however. But if you choose not to
major in a science, you must make sure that you take all of the science prerequisites
for school. Being two years of biology, two years of chemistry, a year of physics, and
a year of calculus. Towards the end of your undergraduate career you’ll need to take what’s
know as the MCAT. Or the Medical College Admissions Test. This is a standardized exam that is
used by medical schools to evaluate a candidates application for med school entrance. They
use this along with your GPA. Medical school is highly competitive, in fact most less than
a third of those who apply will actually be accepted on any given year. Therefore it’s
very important to maintain a strong GPA, and do well on the MCAT exam. Medical school itself
is an additional four year educational commitment. the first two years of which are typically
reserved for didactic instruction and the health sciences, and the second two years
are typically reserved for training in clinical skills. After completing your four years of
medical school, you are an MD. However you’re not quite ready to be a heart surgeon. In
order to become a surgeon, and in fact really any type of physician. You must complete what’s
know as a residency. Residency programs can vary in length. Surgical residencies typical
being longer. A surgical residency will be a minimum of six years, and for heart surgery
will often be eight years or more. This is formal training past your medical school education.
During these years you will learn first how to become a surgeon, and second how to become
a heart surgeon. After you’ve completed your residency in cardio thoracic surgery many
will go on to do a fellowship, which is an additional one to two years of additional
post graduate training. After completing all of your post graduate training you are ready
to sit for the board exam as a cardio thoracic surgeon. And upon passing you are a board
certified cardio thoracic surgeon ready to practice in the community. This is Mark MacBayne,
Practice Administrator for Hematology Oncology at UCSF Medical Center.

46 thoughts on “Medical Careers : How to Become a Heart Surgeon

  1. I will enter Medical hopefully in 2013 at age 29 I wanna become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon but I am probably too old.

  2. I just finished my 1st year of med school at 28. You are never too old. It's just a matter of dedication and sacrifice.

  3. In the UK you go straight into doing a 5 year medicine degree when you're 18, then you spend 2 years as a junior doctor, then you go into specialist training. It seems like a lot less hassle than the US.

  4. @JaydenPeacock187 how in any way does it mean that they are better at the end of the day you are still a heart surgeon with just as much experience as american students. you will gain experience throughout training and working so its exactly the same either way.

  5. @TheFreakonaleash85 No it's not you fucking douche bagel the UK is # 62 in the world for death rates and America is #92. So that means that the US is way safer. so if UK would get some better doctors and surgeons, they wouldn't be dying so much. i can't believe it took you a whole week to reply to this, maybe the UK needs some quicker thinkers (if that's where your from.) I replied to your weak ass comment within 16 minutes of you posting it. I will now wait another week for you to reply.

  6. @e521soediv Yes it does. 9th grade to be exact, If you were making irregular grades through Elementry and Intermediate, that's alright. But when you get to the 9th grade, It's time to pep up your step.

  7. @shotorkhan2 Sure you can. It doesn't matter what age you are to start! {Don't be silly, you know what I mean, "Kids cannot be a heart surgeon…" lol

  8. Why is this hoser yakking about becoming a heart surgeon?

    He is not a surgeon.

    Is he even an MD? For sure he's a 'practice administrator' for heme/onc…that's all we know

  9. well first your a dumbass. So shut the hell up this guy knows what he is talking about. My brother is a heart surgeon and he was done at the age of 34 years old. he started his process at 18. it took him 16 years. so dont mouth

  10. Sure. All good. Becoming a heart surgeon is hard work.

    My point is that if you want some advice about becoming a heart surgeon, you should ask a heart surgeon. This fellow's not even a doctor–or at least he doesn't advertise such information in his bio. So, what does he know about the hard work it would take?

    This is posturing and misrepresentation for uninformed viewers.

  11. It would be during the intern, but i wouldnt just become a doctor for money. Its so much studying and so much work and such a big workload and if you dont enjoy it, you wont do well.

  12. Im entering premed next year. Through pre-med bio or whatever major you choose, you have to have around a 3.7 GPA and a 29-45 MCAT with alot of extra circular. Its hell for 8-12 years for 60 years of a dream.

  13. You can take ANY you want. Any but i would do a biological science such as premed, bio, biochem stuff like that.

  14. He talks to fast his pitch is to high for a man and he is not pleasant to look at with his greasy hair. Now go punch him.

  15. Called "A Practice" because that's exactly what you will be doing, practicing on real live people. Good luck not for me 2 much school and 2 much responsibility.

  16. My friend is 26 and he's already a board certified surgeon, He also however was accepted into med school when he was only 20. BTW he obtained his B.S. in Biochem at 18. Pretty much when we were in middle school he was able to leave campus and go to the near by high school to take Calculus and Chemistry. It's all about ambition and your ability to study. I've spent the last 2 years a community college, getting ready to transfer to UCSB for my B.S. in Biochem. Stick with it, time makes you smarter

  17. Extra curricular in the medical course work world generally pertains to volunteering at a hospital, it also can mean studying doctors journals. Basically you have to take the initiative to learn more about the medical field and realize you may not be granted any certain recognition for it, extra curricular stuff generally looks very good on your MCAT application though. I find extra curricular work to be a good learning experience outside of what 4 year colleges can offer.

  18. Hello! Im from venezuela, i have some questions, you need to do 2 residency, one in GENERAL SURGERY that takes 5 years and other of cardiothoracis surgery that takes other 3-4 years?

  19. an img who has entered medical school without doing 4yr college program (in biology,chemistry ,etc..) so he may not become a heart surgeon from us or what ?

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