Medication Lookup Pricing – Overview

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Hello and welcome to another demonstration
of the features of the DCP. This time delving into medication pricing. It is often important to know how
costly medications are that we are prescribing, and that is difficult
to obtain this information. You generally have to search through
internet to find the pricing, if you are going to look or
contact your nearest pharmacist. So, we are making that a little bit
easier by providing that function with the medication pricing lookup,
which is a button on the DCP. When clicked it will bring up the list of medications of the patient is taking and to access the pricing
information for a particular medication you simply
click on the medication. There we have the list of
patient’s list of XYDEP there. [Also] with SERTRALINE
being the generic and in this case, we cannot
list the trade name We only have got the
list under the generic. If we go to so, NEXIUM, okay we have
the Nexium trades which is showing We can also click on the generic and we will
get the generic medication listing price. MOBIC there we have the
trades and the generic. Click on the generic and will have
a list of different medications. We can search through information
on pricing very easily. If we click on a particular medication,
say first one on the list, it will bring up the Chemist Warehouse
page with the relevant information. That is basically it! A very simple way to obtain pricing information
on the patient’s medications. Oh! One more thing! When we add a new medication to
the patient’s medications there will be a new icon in the
medication section and clicking on that icon will bring up
the pricing for that new medication which we have just added to the
patient’s medication list. That is it! Thank you for watching.

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