Medicine for the Forests: Controlled (RX) Burn

By Paul Henry / in , , /

My wife Lauren I bought this property in 1993 and we purchased it mostly for recreation But we realized that the the forest is an important thing to manage So we scheduled this controlled burn today really to help in two ways One is to help the heath of the forest by removing unwanted woody competition from the pines and releasing those nutrients from the ashes back into the soil And the other reason is we wanted to do help wildlife. This woody debris or brush that was growing in there wasn’t very beneficial to wildlife. So by cutting that back that brings on all kinds of new growth which helps benefit the wildlife such as deer turkey and quail There’s more than just stepping out and sticking a match to leaves. The first step, we find out what the landowners wants what his needs are. We can actually write a burn plan just for his property And once we get this plan in place, then we develop a map and on this map that shows where we start Which way the wind is and where we position our equipment On this fire here We’ve got dozers positions in certain places because we know the wind will be blowing across the line We want to keep the fire inside the line The main thing for us is safety safety is number one We’re all on the same page. Everybody knows what everybody else is doing Everybody’s got a job They know what they need to do They don’t have to be told. It takes a lot of education to learn about the weather and how to pull off of a safe controlled burn. W hen I contracted with the Division I knew it would be handled right and they’re doing a fantastic job of it today You

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