Meet Dr. Philip Hartman — Family Practice Physician at St. Elizabeth

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Hi, I’m Dr. Philip Hartman, and I’m a
Family Practice Physician at St. Elizabeth. I would say I was kind of born a scientist. I was always putting something together to
see what would happen and then in second grade, we had to do a research paper on an occupation
we were interested in. We had to interview somebody who did it and
we had to write this paper and present it to our class. I did mine interviewing my great uncle who’s
a family physician, so it’s kind of funny that we’ve got a little bound report I did
in second grade on what I want to be when I grow up, and it was family physician. So, I have always enjoyed working with my
hands, helping people and applied science. Putting the three of those together I thought,
“You know, I bet I could help a lot of people in a medical career.” I looked into it further, found out everything
I could do as a family doctor. Found out that I could see everybody from
brand new babies to the elderly. Found out that I could do tons of procedures. Looking at that I said, “Gosh, I think this
is for me. I can really get in there and help a ton of
people through a ton of different times in their lives.” I wanna see you. I wanna see if we can fix this and if I can’t
fix it, I wanna do a direct handoff to somebody who’s excellent to make sure that you’re
getting the quality of care that I want for me, that I want for my parents, that I want
for my kids, and that’s the standard I want to be held to.

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