Meet Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Jared Christophel, MD

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My name is Jared
Christophel, and I’m a facial plastic and
reconstructive surgeon at the University of Virginia. Facial plastic and
reconstructive surgery deals with, as the name says, diseases
of the head and neck region. The majority of the patients
that I see in terms of volume will be adults that have
either been in accidents, or are getting skin
cancers removed and we have to rebuild
a portion of their face. We also do treat children,
and the majority of those are ones with cleft
lip and palate. I was introduced to
medical volunteerism I think the year 2000. Actually, I met my wife
on a medical trip to Peru. And then since starting
practice here in 2010, I’ve taken a trip every
year but one to Kenya where we go to do a
cleft lip and palate repairs with the Smile
Train organization. The most rewarding
part of my job is not looking at that
incision that’s healed well, or that fracture
that’s healed well, or that skin that
we’ve had to rearrange. It’s seeing that person
and talking to them and realizing, wow, we didn’t
just restore a part of them. We were able to bring
them back into action, bring them back to life,
and it’s seeing them light up again after they’ve gone
through what is oftentimes a traumatic or an
unexpected bump in the road. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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