Meet Our Doc: Emily Sweeney, MD, Sports Medicine

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I grew up doing gymnastics and I had a
lot of injuries, and from my injuries I got experience with sports medicine
doctors. And so I was really inspired by them. I am able to relate to a lot of my
patients. There’s a number of injuries I see in clinic that I actually had, and so
being able to give my experience to my patients makes them understand like,
“oh, okay, she gets it. She, you know, isn’t just telling me what to do; she went through
it as well.” The other part is knowing how hard these athletes work. And so knowing
how important it is to get back out there and to be able to practice their
sport before they go back into competition is important. With the
Children’s sports med team, I think we’re different in that we really treat each
kid individually. One thing I try to do is really listen to them and hear what
they need from me. A lot of athletes identify themselves as a soccer player,
as a gymnast – not just as a kid. And so if they’re not doing their sport they’re
not being who they are. Seeing how happy kids are when they get better and they
don’t have pain anymore or their broken bone is healed. Their appreciation as
well as their parents appreciation is a great motivator.

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