Meet the Alexa Communications team

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My name is Juliana Tarpey and I’m a Product Manager. I’m someone that’s moved around a lot in my life. I grew up in Colombia, then in England and now I live in Seattle, so my family are all around the world. Living far away from the people I love can be pretty difficult but having ways to communicate often, for free and in more and more integrated ways such as with the Echo devices helps me feel less distant from close family and friends. My name is Karthick Raman and I am a Senior Manager for Product at Alexa Communications. Products that we build actually help our customers connect with one another. Based on the reviews we have seen with our customers, we know that we are actually helping them solve a real problem. My name is Heather Ackenhusen and my role at Amazon is a Senior Manager of Software Development. What drew me to a career in Alexa Communications is my passion for serving customers and being able to connect them together. I am Aparna. I am a Principal Engeneer at Alexa Communications. I started off at Device Software and then I moved to Cloud-Based Engineering Solutions and I am working on Machine Learning problems. My name is Alex and I work as a Software Engineer in Alexa Communications. One thing that really draws up to me it that I can work on a new feature and then walk home and say Hi mom, you gotta try this out. My name is Deepthi Prasard and I am a Software Dev Manager. I think it’s a special feeling to launch something for the first time and none of your competitors has done it. My name is Aharon Robinson and my role is QAE within Alexa Communications. I get to see a direct impact between the work that I do on a daily basis and what we actually deliver as products. I can literally point to something and say, I know how long it took to work on that. The thing that surprises me the most is the level of impact you get to have within Amazon. If you think about the communication space in general, there are so many different ways customers can communicate. What excites me the most about where Alexa Communications is heading is just the unknown of how we are going to communicate in the future. People who are hearing disabled or visually disabled, and even some of our more elderly customers have such a large benefit from having a technology like this. One word I would use to describe Amazon is customer-obsessed. We look at both the positive and the negative feedback from customers. We look at the positive and celebrate the wins. I would say Amazon has an open culture when it comes to learning about new roles. We have just started scratching the surface. Amazon is a great place to work there’s no doubt about it. The thing that surprised me the most about working at Amazon is just the general sense of community. You have no idea what you might be doing in two, five, or ten years. But for me, I know I’ll be doing something here. There’s no work that’s done at Amazon that isn’t work that relates to some result. We improve people’s lives on a day to day basis. Actually, we are a crucial part of their lives.

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