Mental Health: A Conversation (ft. Gabbie Hanna) | Doctor Mike

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100 thoughts on “Mental Health: A Conversation (ft. Gabbie Hanna) | Doctor Mike

  1. I'm only 15 my mental health hasn't been good for like over a year I got bullied for 2 years I thought I was fine but I started hating myself thought I was worthless I have cut before I'm getting counseling they asked me If I have hurt myself before but for some reason I just couldn't tell then I was scared

  2. Wow…… this is awesome information.. being someone with issues from my past and I've suppressed.. it gave an explanation to some of the things i do to cope… wow

  3. As a therapist and advocate for integrated health, I have to say that I truly appreciate this video. I love that Dr. Mike is aware of the correlation between mental and physical health. Many times, I have clients with mental health concerns which have manifested as physical ailments. Once we address the mental health, the physical symptoms decrease dramatically. I've also found the opposite to be true. I've had a client with extreme anxiety who I encouraged to get a physical. I had met with the client and obtained their history and something they said told me to recommend they see their doctor. Turned out they were extremely anemic and needed infusions. Once this happened, they were fine. I've also seen people diagnosed with acute psychosis turn out to have high or low blood sugar. I feel strongly about the importance of integrated care and I hope that videos like this one will improve communication between mental health providers and the medical community. Thank you, Dr. Mike!

  4. This video is everything & more, but can we please get a Doctor Mike segment on the channel where he brings YouTubers on the show & starts a conversation about their biggest pet peeves, concerns & the importance of better health all around surrounded by the topic of general health (physical/mental).

  5. I don’t know why bu when they started talking about sociopath‘s I thought of Shane Dawson.

    Like are they talking about him???!!

  6. What sucks about the insurance system is that non-profits who depend on insurance or Medicaid we have to diagnose at the first appointment so that we can get paid to continue treatment for the clients 🙁 in my agency we will try to get a diagnosis but it acts as a “living document” meaning that we can change the diagnosis as we work with the client

  7. sorry im very late and didnt think of this before but towards the end when you said about very narcissistic people dont deal with criticism well and have not very good life it just got me thinking that i dont deal with criticism well and get offended quickly but im not narcissistic at all im just very sensitive and im always telling myself that the person is right and im always bringing myself down so what does that mean for me?

  8. This is how I feel man, the more I study the more I realize there is so much that I don't know and I feel pressured to know it all, it's so stressful.

  9. I'm sorry, I love you Dr. Mike but supporting someone who has publicly sided with a rapist is messed up. And to do it in a mental health video is even worse.

  10. How would you reconcile a psychosomatic illness or symptoms with medicine's historical and existing biases when it comes to treating certain groups, specifically women and minorities? For a long time, hysteria was viewed chiefly as a disease that impacted women, and the diagnosis was used to dismiss their medical complaints. Research has found that there's a bias in some quarters of the medical communities whereby African Americans are seen as being less susceptible to pain, thus leading to them receiving less treatment for pain. I'm not trying to discount the validity of the mind-body connection–I'm pretty certain one of my autoimmune issues is at least partially psychosomatic, and my dog has had a stress-related illness at one point. Just curious about how to reconcile an important diagnosis or important element of a diagnosis with a problematic legacy, and the reality that certain groups still aren't as well served by the medical community.

  11. Is a bit strange that you lumped cannabis in with hard drugs. Not it's impossible to abuse cannabis, i've seen people do it, but still its benefits still far outweighs the negatives xD Makes me wonder why you didn't list prescription abuse as well though. That is far worse than someone smoking a bit too much cannabis o.o

  12. Agreed that mental things can cause physical symptoms but as someone who has narcolepsy(and other things), I hate hearing it. Many many years I was told that my issues were just mental. Took over a decade to find out that I am actually very narcoleptic and have genetic abnormalities…yeah, it's not always just in your head.

  13. Totally agree with the label thing. Everyone says they have depression when really they are just sad for a little while. Its 2 totally different things. One lasts maybe a week or so the other can make someone not get out of bed and not eat and just sleep all day for months.

  14. I always enjoy watching your videos because you really do teach me a lot and you have so much knowledge and think differently than other doctors do, you show you truly care and want to help people even if it’s trough watching your channel. Thank you 🙏🏼

  15. I need to know how come the whole world and medical community is raising awareness about antibiotics and stricting its use – (which is I m for)- but not spoting the light on and dealing with the increasing number of hypnotics uses (especially dependence causing hypnotics) and their effects on mental heath. No messing with brains

  16. THANK YOU. I know this is an older video so you might not see this, but it's incredibly refreshing to hear a doctor talk about diagnosing people with caution, after getting to know them, and after ruling out confounding variables. In Canada, it's common for a patient to see a psychiatrist they've never met for a half hour visit and come out with a bunch of labels. I was misdiagnosed and put on the wrong medication, which caused side effects that further clouded the real dx. It took another 5 yrs to get a correct diagnosis (and proper treatment).

  17. Late to the party, but honestly one of my favourite videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Nice that it was just a conversation with 2 people that were really interested in what each other had to say. The camera could not have been there. Loved it.

  18. Doctor Mike reveals the meat of video and mental health around 8:44 – 15:00 min mark. Great insight into mental health and repressed thoughts manifesting into physiological responses.

  19. I'm cringing be ause whenever Dr. Mike is trying to talk about something serious Gabby says something and starts loudly laughing and Mike is just like (this girl)

  20. Can you please talk about sleep disorders? I suffer from bad sleep habits and it usually takes me 2-3 hours and sometimes even 4 when trying to go to bed. Is this something I should see a doctor about?

  21. How is no one calling him out for working with this monster? Mental health, like she knows anything about it other than to drive others with mental health issues to the dirt? This is disgusting and she is one of the worst youtubers. But because of the onision drama no one wants to talk about this twat.

  22. about the nail fungus, SO true about nail salons! I worked at a law office that was representing the insurance companies in a TON of cases against certain salons

  23. I looked up Gabby because I didn’t know who she is. So much annoying drama and she gets annoying. But I can’t hate her, I have mood disorders and I would absolutely hate to have a large audience watching my most regrettable moments. I get annoying too. People are saying they don’t trust her, but you don’t have to trust her to listen to a conversation.

  24. Dr. Mike will you please make a videos on mental disorders like Maladaptive daydreaming disorder, ocd, eating disorder?

  25. Some of my friends get really awkward when I talk about mental health because when I’m talking about something really painful I joke about it and smile when he said “ let me interrupt you for a second , why are you smiling” I freaked the heck out

  26. i call them storms. my husband has ptsd and his outlet is being very sarcastic and video games.. I have anxiety and depression but i fight it my outlets are walking my dogs outside i use to paint and draw until i had children i just dont get the free time between working taking care of 4 dogs and 2 kids all on my own.. i will also go and scream into my pillow or i clean

  27. Hey there Dr. Mike! I put this on one of your most recent posts, but I have a mental health question:
    I have been told before that if someone has a history of using self harm as a coping mechanism for years, even if they have gone a similar number of years without harming themselves they never will be completely free of the temptation to use it as a coping mechanism. Sort of like the idea that an alcoholic never stops being an alcoholic. What are your thoughts? Do you think someone who has a history of self harm as a coping mechanism will ever be 100% free of the temptation to harm in extremely stressful situations?

  28. It' sad how mental ilnesses like anxiety and deppression get adressed all the time but the serious mental ilnesess lik get left in the dark

  29. Dr. Mike, I have a question for you.

    First of all, I love your videos and I truly appreciate the conversations you have about the medical community (and I especially appreciate this conversation regarding mental health).

    In this video, there were a lot of key points that really resonated with me when I was at my lowest point in regards to my mental health. Thinking back to my experience, it was definitely very similar to how you explained how repressing emotions/experienced can be a contributing factor to bring about those mental health issues. You spoke a lot about the physical effects that mental health issues can cause (neck pain, back pain, etc.) and how the medical community (or people in general) try to diagnose the pain too early and possibly perform treatments for the “source” of that pain.

    However, here is my question to you: what about the people who do not experience pain as symptoms? For example, at my lowest, I exhibited symptoms of severe depression and anxiety. To describe it in a physical sense, it was a lot of back-and-forth between total emotional/mental numbness/emptiness, lethargy, and panic attacks that drastically affected my way of living. I was (and currently am) medicated, and (with the help of therapy) I was able to learn to manage and cope with these symptoms of they ever occurred again. My mom also experienced depression/anxiety way before me. She educated me enough in mental health that I recognized the symptoms as those of anxiety and depression.

    So, for people that experienced symptoms similar to myself and try/have tried to receive medication (specifically anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medications) to try to treat the depression/anxiety, do you think people/doctors are too quick to prescribe these medications?

    Please know that this is not me coming at your neck or anything. I really do appreciate your thoughts/perspective, and love to hear your insight on medical issues. 🙂

  30. Long post sorry but I really hope someone reads this and it helps them- I am so glad that you talked about how repressing feeling and everything without talking to someone can affect your overall health.That was what really helped when my husband was deployed- I never wanted to admit that I was struggling at a certain point, I gave myself this unrealistic expectation that people expected me to be the strong, independent, perfect military wife- it is was causing me so much stress it was causing depression and a desire to abuse alcohol. I didn’t heavily drink because I realized fairly early on that I was abusing it and I realized why. I considered talking to a therapist and once I told people that I wanted to but most importantly WHY I wanted to- all of my stress and fears melted away because I realized they weren’t expecting those things out of me and that I put those expectations on myself. So that is why it is so important to just talk and be honest with what you are feeling. Again sorry about the long post but I really hope this helped someone especially if they try to self-medicate with poor choices because that is not the answer

  31. I think I have acid reflux because of repressed emotions 😪 haven't had the courage to tell my doctor although I know he's gotten to know me and kinda knows that too

  32. A lot of people forget that the brain is physical component. It seems so strange to people who aren't surgeons, and the like. Moods are hormonal (literally hormones). They all present themselves to you visually as well as physically. Depression itself often mentions symptoms like fatigue/lethargy (because you just don't want to get up in the morning, or be happy and enthusiastic).

    The way you think is also very powerful. A lot of self-help propaganda is geared towards that, but a lot of it has a basis in the idea that our lifestyle really can make or break the difference between getting the proper help we need vs. just letting it take over.

  33. It's like seeing someone famous or a YouTube with so many followers struggling with the same thing as you and the same thing that makes you feel so small.. it makes you see that just because you struggle with something that doesn't make you worth any less.

  34. What is mental problem is that if your behaviour effects people (magority) but you can't understand why or can't change your behaviour is called mental problem

  35. My best friend has been struggling with Anorexia for a long time now, went through treatment a lot of times and now they say that her anorexia is untreatable and they’re just going to help her live with her anorexia. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that anorexia is untreatable in some patients or is there always a way to overcome it?

  36. Post-traumatic growth! Thank you, Mike! I had never heard of that, but it completes a puzzle that had left me confounded for years!

  37. Gabbie, all of life is creation. Every moment of all of our lives is creation. Tell your friends who claim they aren't creative to tap into the creative role they play in their own life. The social experiment Mike gives you at 24:25 is a perfect example of one way you can do this.

  38. Hey Dr Mike,
    I suffer from bipolar depression for a too long time. Last couple of
    weeks i started cutting along other kinds of self harm. You as a doctor i
    know you want to save a life but what when there is no will to stay
    alive? Would you be so kind to suggest a painless way out?

  39. Hey Dr Mike,
    I suffer from bipolar depression for a too long time. Last couple of
    weeks i started cutting along other kinds of self harm. You as a doctor i
    know you want to save a life but what when there is no will to stay
    alive? Would you be so kind to suggest a painless way out?

  40. Super cute that Gabbie is so indeniably into Dr. Mike. Lots of chin touching, her body turned inwards, head cocked, eye batting, lips pouted open, shoulders inward. Also, love that she is much calmer and down to earth in this video vs. the other video. I can see that Dr. Mike is able to respond easier this time.

  41. I try not to say I "suffer" with BP2 and acute anxiety disorder, but I live or I'm learning to live or I deal with… I'm not always suffering, just sometimes. I also didn't get this until I was 48 as a side effect of being on a bad stop smoking med and having a lower anterior bowel resection with complications.

  42. I have bipolar disorder and I sometimes suffer with it and I can't control my emotions and I have also anxiety and depression and learning disorders a.k.a low knowledge!

  43. I don't really think I'm a raised narcissist or a made narcissist cause im barely on social media and I'm totally clueless to the world in general cause I've been pushed and looked down upon by others and I only ever got social media because I talk to a specific group of friends that have that social media for and that's like only once a month so I don't think I'm a narcissist but I will leave that verdict to everyone I know.

  44. Its kinda funny when Gabby talks vs when Dr. Mike does. Like its pretty obvious he's a doctor and shes more of a personal researcher

  45. Dr. Mike, I’ve been hiding crippling suicidal depression from my doctors. My situation is extremely complex, and I can’t just walk into an ER for help.

  46. Hi Dr Mike. Could you please inform me on the relationship between migraines and depression. I have been struggling with both for such a long time. I am in Kenya so our healthcare isn't the best so I don't have access to the best information. Please help.

  47. Dr. Mike, PTG is not that new. Here in Canada we are learning about it in our Addictions and Mental Health course. I found this article that you might like, as I know you like to read… You have inspired me to start my own Channel. I hope to help a lot of people and maybe even change our system for the better… You have such great points and I cannot wait to see move of your videos as you are so real, as I am, and so knowledgeable. Knowledge is power!

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