Nobel Prize For Medicine 2019

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um so this next story is gonna be a
little quicker because the Select story I don’t even know the details to but I
think it’s important as a nurse as a health care provided to let you all know
who won the Nobel Prize for medicine so it was jointly awarded to William
Kalin jr. Sir Peter Ratcliffe by the way Tina love that name and Greg’s immense
ax so this was this the Nobel Prize for medicine was Ward and I literally just
copied and pasted this from the article that I got this information from but
they were quoted of saying the importance of oxygen has long been
established but the committee explained that but how cells adapt to changes in
its levels remained unknown so this was really surprising to me Tina because as
a nurse as a health care provider as someone who enjoy size and chemistry and
all that stuff we know like super basic information when it comes to like we
know that cells need oxygen and human beings need oxygen right but that that
little detail how cells adapted the changes of levels in oxygen I think that
was the reason they got the Nobel Prize because we don’t know how cells adapt
when you’re in the gym and you need more oxygen or when you’re like I watch the
details I’ll leave the link in below where they explain the Nobel Prize but I
loved how they explained it and I think it’s super cool that in 2019 you can win
a Nobel Prize for something as simple as explaining how oxygen works in the body
right how simple it is but I tried to read the article and I was like man
whatever exactly and that’s why I think it’s super and I just wanted to let you
guys I mean medicine we’re all in medicine I wanted to let you guys know
so the Nobel Committee said that the trio’s discoveries have paved the way
for promising new strategies to fight anemia cancer and many other diseases
Randall Johnson prize committee member described the trio’s work as a textbook
discovery this is something basic biology students will be learning about
when they study at age 12 or 13 or even younger biology and learn the
fundamental way cells work this is basic aspect of how a cell works
and um from that standpoint alone it is a very exciting thing so just like I
said I think I think anything that you discover that is taught when you’re a
really young kid or is taught universally should deserve some kind of
prize so if you figure out something that they teach every single student
that ever graduates high school you deserve something special if it ends up
in a textbook for all high school students congratulations you did
something special at least how I believe right it’s at least how I believe yeah I
I agree with that but one of the fun part of the articles just I guess
they’re trying to sort of explain it in a way that we could maybe understand it
it’s and it says if you think of the main causes of death in the u.s. three
out of the five are related to lack of oxygen
so heart attack stroke grass protists respiratory disease so I guess what he’s
saying is understanding how the body senses in response to low oxygen it’s
fundamental to all these diseases is what that’s how they explained it in
that in that article so exactly anything it’s good so who knows who knows if we
get to a time we get to a place where this knowledge this information this
finding allows us to play with medication that can stifle that process
of heart disease stroke or all of that stuff this is this is groundbreaking
work right so I don’t know how they go about picking Nobel Prizes but I think
they did a good job with this one right now Tina do you know if a nurse has ever
won a Nobel Prize for medicine is that even is that a thing do you know if
that’s ever happened um I don’t think so I because wouldn’t it be do they have
been they need to be a medical doctor I have no idea I know that um DMPs do
research so and that’s why ideally reason I bring that up is because I have
I had a couple of doctor and peas and they all do both of them did research
and it’s a big part of what they do and they love doing it so I was like maybe a
nurse can do it I do know that they have been a couple of nurses that has won the
Nobel Peace Prize for doing like Mother Teresa type shit but like I would love
to see one day a nurse being awarded and if a nurse has
let me know in the comments I think I just wanted to let you all know Nobel
Prize winner for this year thank you guys so much for watching I really do
appreciate this if you guys were informed or educated in any way shape or
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