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Perfect health is a precious gift for a
lucky few. But for those who have known illness,
health is often a hard-won battle and the result of exceptional care. Care from
talented and dedicated physicians… Physicians who learned from leading
medical educators… Educators whose knowledge has been informed by
scientific breakthroughs… Breakthroughs that can only come from research.
In fact, any treatment ever offered to a patient was once an experiment in a lab.
From this foundation of research and discovery come those innovations that
can make the ultimate difference in a person’s health. At Northwestern
University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, our leaders are dedicated to improving
the future of all human health. Inspired by possibility and undaunted by
complexity, our world-class physicians and scientists are working together
across disciplines and campuses. Each one of them taking a unique Northwestern
Direction. Here Dr. Susan Quaggin can discover new therapeutic targets to improve the lives of patients with kidney disease. Here Dr. Ali Shilatifard can uncover the epigenetic foundations of pediatric cancers. Here Dr. Elizabeth McNally can determine
genetic changes that impact inherited forms of heart disease. Using cutting-edge techniques, our
faculty foster student inquiry and innovation to illuminate tomorrow’s
mysteries and solve tomorrow’s problems. At Northwestern’s Feinberg School of
Medicine, it isn’t enough just to treat disease, we want to cure disease. Like
when Dr. Sarki Abdulkadir discovers molecular mechanisms behind prostate
cancer. When Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones uses big
data to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. and when Dr. Melissa Simon works to
bring quality health care into underserved communities. Our work begins with research.
Cutting-edge research that leads to discovery. Discovery that leads to cures.
Cures that lead to treatments. Treatments that lead to health, the most
precious gift of all.

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