Nutrient-Medication Interactions

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Hi it’s Jared from the Hardy Nutritionals
science team on the Daily Essential Nutrients label there’s a note that
medication doses should be monitored by a physician while taking Daily Essential
Nutrients and that psychoactive drugs may need to be gradually reduced or
eliminated during nutrient therapy to avoid over-medication effects. Now why
would we make this kind of statement on the Daily Essential Nutrients label? Our
experience over many years working with thousands of people who are using Daily
Essential Nutrients together with medications shows us that this is
critical. I’ll try to give two reasons why we make this statement hopefully
they’ll make sense. The first reason is that nutrients are used throughout the
body to create all of the chemical components to help our bodies to
function properly. This includes neurotransmitter and hormone levels that
help our bodies to optimally function in terms of mental health. Let’s take a
situation where an individual already has optimal levels of neurotransmitters
for their needs and hormones. I’ll use the example of serotonin. If a person
with optimal levels of serotonin took a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
commonly referred to as an SSRI this addition would not make the person feel
better they would feel worse. They would experience side-effects tending toward serotonin syndrome, it is an over medication effect. They would have too
much serotonin in their synapses. The brain would be overloaded with serotonin
and they would need to eliminate the SSRI, their bodies already had what
they needed. Now let’s look at the situation of a person who is already
taking an SSRI and who adds Daily Essential Nutrients to the medication.
Now initially the person taking the SSRI may have felt better if serotonin
levels were sub-optimal the SSRI could have helped them feel better by
optimizing the serotonin levels in the synapses or bringing the levels
closer to optimal. Now when we introduced Daily Essential Nutrients it contains
the vitamins and minerals that are serving as cofactors to enzymes that are
producing serotonin and so the enzymes and the vitamins and minerals together
are the machinery that are naturally producing what the body requires. So in
this situation the SSRI would quickly become too much for the body, gradually
the person would need to reduce the dose of SSRI in order to maintain optimal
levels of serotonin. Over time, in other words, the SSRI manipulation of serotonin
would no longer be needed as the body can naturally produce what it requires
in terms of serotonin. This is the first very important reason why we are
making this statement on the label. There’s another very important reason
and your medical doctor will understand this reason very well. That is that
the body uses CYP450 enzymes mostly in the liver but it’s there throughout the
body to process medications. When a person takes medication doses the
body processes the medication and eliminates the medication metabolites
from the body and so the person needs to take another dose the following day or
later in order to restore active levels of the medication in the body. Those
active levels are always increasing when the person takes a dose of medication
and gradually reducing as the body processes the medication. So the
challenge is that the nutrient levels that we are supplying in Daily
Essential Nutrients are interacting with the processing of those medications,
they’re affecting the rate at which those CYP450 enzymes are able to break
down the medications. This is very critical because that means when the
rate of processing is slowed the active level of medication, the level of active
medication is increased day by day and this would lead to medication overdose.
In this situation the body needs relief by a reduction in level of
medication. Now there are other reasons as well in some cases as in
stimulants the nutrients including calcium and magnesium may increase the
absorption of the medication the person is taking and that would increase the
active levels of stimulant in the body. So for these two reasons, first that the
body is using vitamins and minerals to produce the neurotransmitters naturally
and no longer needs the manipulation of medication over time and the second reason being that the nutrients including Vitamin A,
Vitamin D, Niacin, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B6 perhaps among others nutrients are
slowing the rate at which the medications are processed in the body.
This is also critical reason why medication levels should be gradually
reduced with the help of medical doctor over time. Now in practice this process
looks like this: We recommend that individuals at least
weekly assess the side effects of medications and inevitably or generally
what we see is that side effects increase as the nutrients are used
together with psychiatric medications. So if the side effects are increasing in
intensity or the number of side effects are increasing week by week this is a
sign to you and your medical doctor that it’s time to gradually reduce the dose
of medication and we see that people receive relief when the dose of
medication is reduced and this process is repeated after the first reduction of
medication side effects tend to gradually increase again over time and
reducing medication level again brings relief and this process of gradually
reducing the medications as required based on side effects is what we
recommend. Now, you’re welcome to call us and we’ll
help talk through what you’re experiencing in terms of side effects.
It’s critical to involve a medical doctor as well in this process. Now it’s
important to note as well that the nutrients do not cause these side
effects. We’ve seen in multiple double-blind studies using
broad-spectrum vitamin mineral supplements that they do not cause the
kinds of side effects that we see for medications. There are no differences in
side effects in fact compared to placebo, nutrients versus placebo. These side
effects are coming from medications and the reasons I discussed hopefully make
sense as to why.

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