Online Therapy to Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks Without using Medication

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Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional
psychotherapist based in Colorado and I specialize in mindfulness therapy which I offer online
for the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, and PTSD (that’s one of my particular
interests) and many other psychological emotional-problems that are caused by reactive habitual thinking
or unresolved emotional trauma. If you would like to learn how to overcome
anxiety and panic attacks through online therapy and you would like to learn how to overcome
anxiety disorders without using medications, then please go to my website and learn more
about online mindfulness therapy. In my opinion this is one of the most effective
ways of treating anxiety without using medication. It works on changing the underlying cause
of your anxiety and panic attacks, as well as depression or other emotional conditions. That underlying cause is what needs to be
transformed and healed if you want to really recover from anxiety or panic attacks. Medications don’t treat anxiety and panic
attacks. They only relieve symptoms and that symptom
relief is short term. It’s just a bandaid. It’s not really changing the underlying psychological
cause of your anxiety or panic attacks. So, in mindfulness therapy we recognize that
the key to overcoming any emotional suffering is to actually develop a conscious and friendly
relationship with your emotional pain. Your biggest enemies are avoidance and aversion. When there is avoidance, that basically causes
the anxiety to get bigger. When there is aversion, that causes you to
get smaller in relationship to your anxiety. So this is why we understand in mindfulness
teachings the importance of friendliness or love, because when you relate to emotional
suffering with love you get bigger and the emotion gets smaller, it actually starts to
heal itself, when that relationship is well established. So, the path to healing anxiety and panic
attacks, also depression and other forms of emotional trauma, is to build a very strong
friendly and non-reactive relationship with those underlying emotions. When you do that you create the right internal
conditions that promote healing, and that healing is a natural process that is built
in to the anxiety or the depression. It is already trying to heal itself to come
back to equilibrium. Unfortunately we tend to get in the way of
the natural healing through reactivity such as avoidance and aversion. So, if you’d like to learn more about how
to overcome anxiety and panic attacks without medication, please go to my website and then
email me and let’s schedule a Skype Therapy session, and you will see for yourself just
how effective mindfulness therapy can be for healing anxiety and depression. Thank you.

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