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(music) I was born in Mexico and my mom and
I decided to come to the US to pursue the American dream when I was about five. I grew up in Humboldt Park, the phenomenal neighborhood when it comes to culture, and the people are great
however sometimes it is burned by violence and poverty. I think living in that neighborhood
is what really prompted me to want to participate in medicine. I’ve always thought like it would
be really great to be able to serve someone and be able to give them the medical treatment
from beginning to end. Emergency medicine has always fascinated me. One other thing
that really prompted me to continue my education was that my son had to go to the emergency
department for febrile seizure and of course like any parent I was freaking out and I didn’t
know what to do but when we arrived in the emergency department what I thought was chaotic
all of the sudden became a controlled situation. The interaction with something that really made
me consider medicine as well. This is a situation where I can help people and really make the
parent feel reassured. I think that the clinical exposure that I’ve gotten at the University
of Illinois has been phenomenal. We are at the VA, we are at County, we are at different
hospitals across the Chicagoland region and it offers a broad variety of pathophysiology.
You’re going to see a broad range of patients with different disease processes that you
might not otherwise see elsewhere. One of the reasons I attended UIC is because of the
diversity that we have here at the University of Illinois. The urban health care program
has basically become my second family as well as the Office of Student Affairs and the Hispanic
Center of Excellence. I have great support, I have great mentors and down I develop friendships
that I think are going to last a lifetime. We have a great research program we have a
diverse patient population. I want to be able to teach and inspire those that come after
me so that they can continue to have a great experience like the one I had here. Something
that I have learned at UIC is that I want to be an emergency medicine physician but
not just stop there. I also want to be an advocate for communities like the one I grew
up in. I also want to make sure this continue to do research to the I could then empower
communities such as the one I came from. Impassioned Medicine. It happens here.

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