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My name is Sam Krishnamoorthy. I’m a nephrologist, and I work with Lake
Michigan Nephrology. My medical schooling initially was in Mumbai,
India, and then I took the leap and came here to do my residency in internal medicine which
is from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and I moved to St. Louis, which seemed like
a bigger version of Louisville, and then I moved here for continuing my profession. Nephrology involves the study of kidney diseases. A lot of the kidney diseases today are from
other factors, like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which are affecting our
society in large at this point of time and are one of the most important healthcare problems
that everyone in the community is working on. I think the most important lesson that I’ve
learned in training is that the patient is the most important decision maker in any process
that happens, and my job is to give them options, give them all the information that is necessary
for them to be able to make a decision along with me so that we are both on the same page,
especially, I think, for kidney patients who need to make decisions about dialysis and
whether they wish to start it or not. I think the happiness of each patient with
the kind of care that they are getting and the kind of outcomes that they are getting
is also very important, and as a physician, to have higher standards and constantly push
yourself and have higher expectations and setting a high bar is important so that we
can do our best for the patient. Every time I have had a patient show me appreciation
or there has been a positive outcome, I take it as a moment to kind of reconfirm within
myself why I came into this profession and what brought me here, and I hope it shows
in my work.

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