Piloting prescription Real Time Exemption Checking in pharmacies

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Hi, my name’s Paul Rolfe. I work at Birmingham’s Chemist in Cleethorpes
and we are the third busiest community pharmacy in the country. It works, it’s good, it saves time and it’s more efficient. It helps us with the claiming
of the prescriptions, knowing that claim is correct. When
we’re in a busy pharmacy, as we are, ideally you don’t want that patient to have
to wait, to spend their time and your time in doing that part of the job. The patients do benefit from this. We were a trial site for EPS
when it was going online. That was a difficult pilot to be part of, but this has been no problem at all. It’s just a point of a check,
that’s what it is. It’s an exemption check. So nothing’s changed there and we’ve always
had that spirit of it with the patients. We’re not here to police it, we are just here to ask the question. Any pharmacy should be using this
if they could. It will save time.

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