Prescription Discount Card Explainer Video

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This is Sarah.
Sarah is a savvy shopper. She clips coupons.
She packs lunches instead of eating out. She does her research before she buys…
…and saves money wherever she can. Sarah really knows how to stretch a dollar.
So why is Sarah still paying full price for her prescriptions?
With a free prescription discount card from or using the Discount
Drug Network mobile app, she could be saving big.
How big? On average you save $23 per prescription. For most families, those savings add up quick!
Sarah downloads a card from the website. Sarah can use the website or call the toll free
number to compare prices and find the pharmacy offering the lowest cost for her prescription.
Then she can take her prescription discount card to the pharmacy offering the best deal.
The card can be used at a vast network of pharmacies.
Even if you have insurance, your cost is often lower than your copay, and the card provides
discounts for uncovered prescription. Now Sarah is saving a bunch of money on her
prescriptions by shopping smarter with her Discount Drug Network card.
Don’t you want to be a savvy shopper too? Sign up for a free prescription discount card
from or download the mobile app to start saving today!

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  1. Our latest explainer video on how to save money on your prescriptions using a discount card from Discount Drug Network Don't you want to be a savvy shopper too?

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