68 thoughts on “Prominent Atlanta surgeon’s family killed in apparent murder-suicide: A timeline

  1. These people had connections in the local government so this lady knew or found out something she wasn’t suppose to see 👀

  2. Maybe her children reminded her of her ex husband so much that she couldn't handle missing him any more so she killied them and then herself.Or maybe a family cult sacrifice.But Guilty untl proven innocent even when you are dead?

  3. No prominent black woman is going to kill her self.If the daughter saw the Father on the 20th,he could have convinced her to give him the key's to her Mother's home and they were murdered on the 21 st.The only thing that really bothers me is there are no pictures of her with any men.So who was she knocking bootd with?Sometimes woman well still sleep with their Ex to remind them what they are missing.So,is that the case here ???Was she still sleeping with her Ex?Did she threaten to expose him to his new wife???A successful black woman will not kill her self and her Children simply because her Ex is getting married. It doesn't happen. When my Ex got remarried.I said good riddance to bad rubbish. Even after he married again.He was still trying to sleep with me.So were these two still sleeping together. Some people will say well she is 58 she wasn't thinking about nothing like that.Let me tell You that is Bull shi.Your age does not change you needs or desires.So,if she wasn't knocking boots with her Ex and threatened to expose her to his further wife.Who was she knocking boots with? ?? Cause she did not do this.

  4. Where's the anti gun protesters at on this. Where's the we need more restrictions on who can have guns.

    Funny it's only when the narrative suits you it's about gun control.

  5. The husband order a hit…what relative did he call 1st…that the clue the breaks this case…However, he has the system on his side.

  6. You foolish Black American Christians and your fake Christianized religion. You sing and dance and praise on Sunday but Monday through Sat you live like Devils and Demons. Just look at this family. They probably went to some Church in Atlanta every Sunday morning and look what it got them.

    READ THE QURAN!! Stop with your foolish man made religion of ritual and fake worship. Your Baptist preachers cannot save you as they are probably the worst sinners of all taking money and having sex with women. Turn to Islam!!!

  7. I see a lot of people in the comments saying this is foul play, but I suspect that it is not. I am seeing a lot of people who are demonstrating an inability to control their emotions and have admitted to thinking or saying things that are very uncharacteristic of themselves. I think is an evil or malevolent spirit that is attaching to people. I would never say that under my real name bc of my profession, but I just want to tell all of you to please guard your minds, de-stress, practice self love and watch the portals that you open, (i.e., social media, the news). Lastly, pray even if you aren't a particular religious person.

  8. First the high profile cdc doctor now another high profile family in Atlanta???? Why would a woman go overseas with her child having the best time to yet return and kill herself & kids…. this story makes no sense. I smell foul play.

  9. When I look deeply into this woman's aura I do not see a soul troubled by mental illnesses. Dr. Edwards was NOT crazy or clinically insane. Unfortunately she was EVIL. Look at her face, the set of her jaw and mouth, the fake hair, nails and being so ALL PUT TOGETHER. Nothing real there outside or inside. The DEMON eventually reclaimed it's own and sadly two beautiful children got sacrificed as well.
    A word to the wise: all that glitters is NOT gold/good/or of God and the ego props of fame, social success, prominence, having it ALL are more often than not, cover ups for emptiness and/or in the instant case evil masquerading. I wouldn't have let this woman get within 1000 feet of me. Divorced? Yes of course. Her ex husband figured it out but never thought she'd go this far. Well, SHE DID!!!

  10. nope. nah. and no. I don't believe it went down the way they making it seem. Somebody else and something to do with all three of their murders to make it look like the mother killed them and then herself.

  11. Something was going on she kill her cell and her family sad so sad she kills her daughter and her son Lord will need you you can have all the money in the world and not have peace peace ,😭💔😫Baby Girl and Baby Boy you and him are QUEEN and KING 👑👑🙏 R.I.P

  12. I'm not buying the m/s story.this lady just posted pics of them saying I have the best children. Sounds staged.then again u never know what pain is behind a smile

  13. I may be late for the Party but hey, this is a ritual… The Dad have too much connection in very High places and in this White Man's World things just don't go down like that!!

    You gotta sell out something. I know the Dad is a high ranking member of the Alpha Ki Theta, Georgia Branch and he had to carry out his oath…

  14. People in these comments are naive. Women kill. Mothers kill. This is not new. Feminism has you all brainwashed into thinking women are always innocent.

  15. They say his sons boss called his dad to say he didn't show up for work, then dad calls the police to do a welfare check. Not a day has passed just hours, before getting the police involved, wouldn't you just run by the house or call a relative to go by and check on them. Very dramatic, after so little time has passed. Very odd, and he had scheduled surgery that day, very convenient.

  16. I don't believe that bull. They need to look further at the Father and deeper into the mother and children's personal lives.

  17. No one can answer it because it is a crime scene that was made to look like a murder suicide. VENGEANCE is mine saith the lord and what goes on in the dark will come to light .

  18. Its hard for me to believe that two grown people are goin to let any one pull a gun on them and watch them pull the trigger,one at a time don't believe it keep looking maybe you could do that to two little children ,and get away with it. I don't believe this one ..

  19. The ex husband did it. He told a relative to call the police. He had a welfare check done because his son simply missed work. The supervisor of his son’s job called him. He did it and he stayed far away from it until they were found.

  20. And the God awful part of this is the fact whatever led her to do this…went with them all to their graves. As that doctor stated "Sometimes things can be just too good raising red flags." It's sad, something just isn't right – did forensic evidence show powder burns or residue on the mother? Or, did she kill the kids and herself wearing gloves and protective clothing – and somehow managed to hide them posthumously – that's a neat trick…..

  21. How do they know for sure that they weren't "MURDERED"?????? and some "Master Mind made it look like a "Murder/Suicide! Have y'all ever heard of staging the Crime Scene?????? 😱🤯👀👈🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Look further into this please!!!!!!! This just ain't sitting right with me at all! I don't believe it!!!!!🙄🤔👀👈

  22. So we're just supposed to believe that B.S Story?????? Nope, not happening. Now go find the real killer with yall gullible asses!

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