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Hello health fans today we’re going to
talk about weight loss and belly fat as presented on the Dr. Oz Show more people
than ever are having problems with obesity belly fat and weight loss more
people than ever are trying but it’s a minority that are succeeding why is that
so today I’m going to take a look at a couple of videos that are presented to
the masses and we’re going to talk about if the advice in there is correct and if
it’s useful coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
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everyone has heard of dr. oz he’s got a popular talk show on TV and he has a
YouTube channel where he puts short video clips so today I’m going to take a
quick look at those clips and we’re starting with the owner’s manual to
weight loss let’s take a look the number one thing people ask me about is dieting
and the problems with conventional diets is that depending on willpower best
question how many of you can hold your breath indefinitely underwater pretty
hard right possible why because your biology will always beat your willpower
no matter how much you want to die it ain’t going to work what you can do
though is nudge the biology blubber in the right direction so right off the bat
he brings up one of the biggest problems that people are interested in dieting
but it’s not really dieting they are interested in they’re interested in
weight loss and they think that dieting will lead to weight loss unfortunately
that’s not the case and dr. oz brings up an excellent point here he says that
between willpower and biology biology will always win all right and then I’m a
little curious because it says you can’t really use willpower to overcome biology
but you can nudge it a little bit so I’m curious to what he’s gonna say about
that the first thing I figure out is what are you measuring what a success
look like what it’s not your weight it shall waste
sighs which is the best predictor of health the ideal waist size measured at
your belly button is about half your height if you’ve got too much belly fat
problems start to happen and here’s the big one let’s look at the omentum this
is an animation set yellow stuff there that’s the omentum and that pad wouldn’t
get rid of that per second there’s a liver up there the gall bladders the
green stuff there’s the stomach of the food you ate earlier today and it’s
being pushed down to the small bowel your bowel is gonna mix that was vile
the green stuff from the gallbladder and like a soap it’ll wash it and help it
absorb through this very thin wall – the big portal vein this vein carries all
the nutrients to the liver no matter what you eat the livers gonna
metabolize it and send it out to the body feed healthy stuff the livers gonna
love that if you´d unhealthy stop the liver will turn fatty this fat liver
afflicts a quart of the pie place and then it’s omentum starts to get pondrá
steel arms if it pulls way across and because that big beer belly that so many
folks have a love is animations how they’re showing all this stuff happening
and the food gets into the intestine and the bile is added but that’s a bit of an
oversimplification because bile is only to break down the fat and fat is only
one of the food components there’s other enzyme stirs enzymes for carbohydrate
and there’s enzymes for protein and so forth but then all of these foodstuffs
they enter into the liver through the portal vein and then he says that if you
eat healthy stuff the liver is happy but if you eat unhealthy stuff then the you
get a fatty liver and that fat kind of spreads out into the abdominal cavity
and into the omentum so I’m curious to see if we’re gonna find out what this
healthy and unhealthy stuff really is the reason your belly gets big is not
because you got a little fat beneath the skin you get big fat under the muscle
way inside where those organs are that I showed you when you have this big pad of
momentum here slapping up on side of your intestines there’s no way your body
can keep up with it and it causes coronary artery disease it causes
diabetes it causes hypertension that’s why I’m focused on today because this
belly fat poisons your liver causing high cholesterol it squeezes the kidneys
and the kidneys have to jack up your blood pressure because the kidneys
regulate your blood pressure and it also poisons the ability of
insulin to work this big fat yellow piece was of course the omentum
but this omentum when he goes on to explain what it does he says it causes
all these different problems it causes coronary artery disease it says it
causes diabetes it causes increased blood pressure
he says the omentum the fat the belly fat poisons the liver to raise
cholesterol it squeezes the kidneys that was a new one to me and raises blood
pressure and it poisons the ability of insulin to do its job and therefore you
get type-2 diabetes so most of that is not only incorrect but it’s backwards
because the belly fat is not the cause it might be slightly perpetuating the
problem but it’s not the cause it’s the result of an imbalance in the body and
that imbalance is called insulin resistance and it’s caused by sugar
glucose and fructose sugar consists of equal parts glucose and fructose and
it’s the fructose that clogs up deliver more than anything else because all
other foods can be processed by a wide variety of cells in the body but the
fructose can only be processed by the liver so even a small amount of fructose
is gonna clog up that liver very very quickly okay so he never talked about
that he talked about the fat being emulsified by the bile and I don’t think
that he was necessarily saying that it was the fat clogging up the liver but
the truth is that it’s the fructose that clogs up the liver so all of these
things that he says was caused by the belly fat are actually the result of
insulin the belly fat is the result of insulin and cortisol and all of these
are also results so again he’s falling for an association that we observed two
things together and we think that there one is the cause of the other and
we all hate fat we have a universal fat phobia so everything gets blamed on fat
it is not true that high blood pressure is caused by fat squeezing on the
kidneys while it is true that the kidneys regulate blood pressure it’s the
nervous system it’s the brain it’s your sympathetic nervous system and the
endocrine system that releases the appropriate signals and appropriate
hormones to tell the kidneys how to filter and how to regulate the fluid
pressure all right and it’s not the fat squeezing on the kidneys causing
anything belly fat does not poison the ability of insulin belly fat is the
result of insulin which is the result of fructose right so most of it is
incorrect and all of it is backward a gun a victim full of observing things
and associating rather than understanding the mechanism that causes
it what are the key five numbers you gotta know your weight your waist size
your blood pressure your cholesterol and your fasting blood sugar all those are
interrelated to your weight and the best way to change these numbers therefore is
to lose that weight even a small loss can make a huge difference just lose the
weight why didn’t I think of that so now he’s coming full circle here first he’s
talking about weight loss and then he says it’s not really about the weight
loss it’s about the biology and the waist you want to measure things is
really the belly fat which is more important to measure than the weight and
then he says that these are the things you want to measure you want to measure
the weight the waist size blood pressure cholesterol and fasting blood glucose
but then it goes back and says these are all related to weight so just lose the
weight why didn’t I think of that so it’s all circular reasoning here
everyone who has tried to lose weight obviously has thought of losing weight
that’s not really solving the problem so again we’re stuck in that thinking
that weight is the problem but it’s not so he started off beautifully saying
that it’s biology willpower vs. biology willpower will always lose because you
can’t go hungry you can’t hold your breath forever but let’s see here if we
can come up with a solution if he has a way to nudge the biology into losing the
weight and the belly fat how do you lose weight well couple action steps that
make sense high fiber breakfast get started the
right way it’ll keep you going all day long it’ll keep you satiated you won’t
be foraging for food at 10:00 in the morning like a rodent number two you can
have your snacks I want you eating all day long but keep the snacks smaller
than a fist and always wash down the snacks with water get that hedonistic
desire to have more snacks out of your system that will be satiated and
comfortable for a couple hours don’t eat food within three hours of bedtime
because that way you go to sleep without the extra calories you wake up in the
morning feeling nourished you sleep better as well and you got to move 30
minutes a day okay I’m kind of disappointed here because he said that
willpower will never trump biology and then he goes right back into the same
usual advice of eat less and exercise more eat small snacks drink lots of
water and all that so there’s there’s nothing there’s nothing new here okay a
high-fiber breakfast then that’s not a bad idea to eat more fiber but if you
really want to lose weight then maybe you want to eat some food so that
eventually you don’t need a breakfast at all that’s called intermittent fasting
and then he says I want you to eat all day but I want your snacks to be smaller
than a fist and then wash them down with plenty of water so that maybe you’ll
last a couple of hours that is called carb dependence that means that your
blood sugar operates like that of a hummingbird that you have to top off
your blood sugar every couple of hours because you are carb dependent it’s
really really sad that our ancestors they ate once a day twice a day
every other day whenever food was available and now we’ve become a species
that have to wash things down with lots of water so maybe will last a couple of
hours it’s really sad that we’ve come to have that expectation that we don’t
understand that if you are truly satiated if you eat real food then you
can go a half a day or a day and not really get hungry and even if you get a
little hungry you still function perfectly next one no food for three
hours before bed that’s a pretty good one that’s part of intermittent fasting
of shrinking your feeding window extending your fasting window he said it
would help to keep the calories down which is of course not the objective but
it’s still a good thing to do to shrink your feeding window and last on its list
of solutions is to move 30 minutes per day and I couldn’t agree
more but not to lose weight okay it’s not gonna hurt you if you do it aerobic
ly but it’s not gonna help a whole lot either because the real problem is
insulin resistance and this exercise can reduce the insulin resistance of the
muscles to some degree but it will have a minimal or non-existent effect on the
insulin resistance of the liver which is what we’re talking about in this video
so move thirty-two minutes a day great but not for the reasons of weight loss
so while this list has a few items that will help marginally the no food three
hours will help a little bit with insulin resistance the movement might
help just a tiny tiny little bit none of the others will really help you at all
in terms of insulin resistance what they are suggesting is just another diet in
which you will require a lot of willpower which will never work in the
long run so again we have to get to the root cause cut the carbs cut the
frequency of meals he said he wants you to eat all day but keep the snacks small
well again we don’t want to eat all day we want to eat for a short as period as
poss able to allow that insulin to drop so
we’re trying to show what might happen when when you start eating a lot of
sugars and that that might make you fat let’s see let’s find out what is this
your body this will represent our belly okay and this will represent whether or
not eating lots of sugars can affect the size of your belly we should be close to
it far from it yeah I would step back a little bit all right we’re gonna add
this in are we ready we go three two one see that goes in that’s not bad oh my
goodness oh oh the fat literally overthrows your body it’s uncontrollable
it overwhelms you taking over everything and this time it again yeah yeah I
probably wouldn’t touch that yeah you rub my brother’s jacket if you look at
this stuff this overwhelming bulge of fat is what we experienced and it’s the
sugar the sugar the refined carbs that causes the problem so now that we’ve
established that’s the problem the question is what do you do about it and
I actually think the solution is not cutting out fats it’s maybe cutting out
bad fast but it’s adding back the good fats the right that’s Bob show us yeah
so we start doing that and we should start seeing is our fats going down now
look at that and melting that away it’s melting away just appearing as you does
because the fat cells in your body actually panic if they don’t have the
right fats around them if you can soothe them by eating the facts that reduce
inflammation in the body then guess what your fat says oh it’s okay and it begins
to melt away hilarious science experiment but the
only thing it really tells me is that you shouldn’t drink those two chemicals
that they mixed in that big bowl of course they’re finally making a good
point here that it’s the sugar now the illustration really I’m not sure where
they were going with that but it’s entertaining it’s really cool and it’s
sugar and carbs refined carbs like they’re saying but then dr. Oz goes on
to try to explain this and now he says well how do we how do we get rid of this
and then they start throwing some sand or something on this foam and this is to
illustrate the is added good fats and if you add good
fats then they’ll melt the fat away dr. oz tries to explain and he says will you
know the fat cells panic if they don’t have good fat around them then they
panic but if they have good fat then they shrink and a core I don’t know what
their what he’s trying to accomplish with that explanation if they just sort
of the scriptwriters just made that up to have something to say but of course
the mechanism is absurd that is has nothing to do with it because the belly
fat it’s true it’s caused by sugar and especially fructose but it’s not the
good fats that’s going to melt the fat away it’s the removing of the glucose
and the fructose so wait what are the best fats to fight belly fat in other
words and we want to have one serving of them at every meal and snack throughout
the day and this is going to shut down those fat cells and help stabilize the
blood sugar which as we know is what’s really behind the belly fat and MUFAs
are olive oils nuts nut butters avocado and a little piece of dark chocolate
so these healthy fats are called MUFAs monounsaturated fatty acids and then
where they got that idea from is that the Mediterranean diet is generally
considered healthy and olive oil is the predominant staple in the Mediterranean
diet and if they’re healthy then it must be the monounsaturated fatty acids in
the olive oil that is causing the good health no it’s the absence of sugar in
the Mediterranean diet olive oil and monounsaturated fats are just another
good fat and the reason they’re good is that they are minimally processed right
we’ve gotten this idea that monounsaturated is good and
polyunsaturated is good maybe and saturated is bad for sure but it’s got
nothing to do with that it has to do with
how natural and how processed is the oil and the reason olive oil is healthy is
because it’s minimally processed avocados are minimally processed nuts
are minimally processed so these all get a check mark because they are good fats
now what they also say is you should eat them one serving with every meal and
that’s a great idea as long as every meal isn’t six times a day all right
it’s still about reducing insulin and then we want to reduce the number of
meals but here’s the problem with this they think that that olive oil will do
something that the the healthy fats will do something it’s not that they’re doing
anything it’s that they’re replacing the sugar that is harming you all right
they’re allowing you to eat less of the bad stuff and still be full these have
nothing to do with it other than that they’re an alternative another
interesting point is that they think it’s about the monounsaturated fatty
acids yet they exclude beef I didn’t see her mentioning beef or meat fat or pork
or tallow or lard the beef fats are much higher in monounsaturated fats than
chocolate they’ve accepted for some peculiar reason I mean I agree that
chocolate is an okay fat but if they think that saturated fat is bad then I
don’t see how they can accept chocolate kiss chocolate is super high in
saturated fat and quite low in monounsaturated fat beef is much better
in that regard and yet they think that beef is bad and chocolates good so
there’s no rhyme or reason we’re just picking these factoids these loosely
placed items and if everyone agrees on olive oil and let’s call that a good one
if everyone agrees that beef is bad then let’s skip that one alright so we still
have to start understanding why these fats are
good they’re good because they’re minimally processed they’re good because
they’re replacing the bad stuff the sugar and the carbs and the fructose and
while she was saying that she also managed to get in some more false
statements in there that we really have to start understanding that the
monounsaturated fatty acids will not shut down fat cells okay
that is wrong it’s the reduced insulin that allows the body to burn that fat
the blood sugar is not behind the belly fat there are two things that are behind
belly fat and one is insulin and the other is fructose insulin indirectly if
it’s high enough long enough it will create insulin resistance fructose will
create a direct insulin resistance by clogging up the liver so the blood sugar
is not really the thing it has a small part behind it in that it triggers
insulin but fructose is the big thing and fat has basically nothing to do with
that so the single biggest problem with whole line of reasoning is that they’re
always going after the symptom and not the cause and they’re thinking that the
healthy fat is going to do something take this for that they’re finally
realizing that it’s not the saturated fat that’s causing the belly fat it’s
the sugar but now they think that it’s the good fats that’s going to burn the
fat and they’re disconnecting the mechanisms and now people are all
confused again because if you just add more fats without reducing the carbs now
they did say the sugar and refined carbs are the cause but they never tell you to
actually reduce them I don’t know if that’s implied or if they just tell you
that we’ll eat more fats that’s not a good idea because if you keep eating the
same level of carbs then you’re still going to have the same amount of insulin
and you will not burn off any belly fat and in fact it will probably make it
worse if you maintain the same level of sugar and carbohydrates so I do
like that the dr. Oz Show is trying to raise the awareness it is bringing up a
conversation on a national level about health awareness about issues that we
need to do something I don’t like so much may be that it tends to be a bit
shallow and I don’t think people leave with a whole lot more information than
they came with if you enjoyed this video then make sure you check out that one
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video

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